Saturday, March 03, 2012

diy cny basket

Every year I make my sister-in-laws CNY gift baskets. 

As usual with work and everything, this was shoved to the last minute leaving me with only a day to put 4 baskets together. We rushed through Tesco and Giant picking up dried shiitake mushrooms and canned goods. I then quickly melted some glycerine (not my favourite choice of soap type but they're fun and they set in a day!), added a drop of red + yellow food colouring in along with some mandarin + sweet orange essential oils = Chinese New year soaps!

Cutting soap is always my favourite part of the process. It's the part where I remember why I fell in love with soap making.

Decor made easy with washi tapes. Got these from Petit Paper.

The CNY labels are 3 years old(!!) and we're still not even near finishing them off  :D

It's all about living well and pretty at the House of Shelby! 

I do believe with the way I'm always striving to outdo myself every year that it may come to a point that I would actually run out of themes. When that day comes I'll just get them a regular box of mandarin oranges! My nightmare would be they would actually prefer the latter..!

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