Monday, February 20, 2012

bric a brac

I'm a hoarder. And what's worse is that I hoard beautiful things. I wouldn't have bought them in the first place if they weren't awesomesauce  -_-'  and this makes it even harder to part with them. Still, they have to be rid off as my house is bursting at the seams with stuff.

So when I came across an ad in the Alliance Francaise regarding a market for used items, I immediately signed up. It's like our version of a wee Marché aux Puces de Vanves or so I'd like to think!
It started out at noon. Throngs of used items were being laid out for all to see. There was just so much bits and bobs to be sold. I thought I had quirky items but there were even more far-out stuff than mine. It's hilarious!

This is what I started out with. Not including my pile of clothes (which were the first to get sold and sold really well too!).

Noone bought my 'pulling' dress (top left in purple+lilac) which really puzzled me. I know it's a little dated.. but it is Miss Selfridge and it's a stretchy tube in UK10/12. This dress saw A WHOLE LOTTA action back in my clubbing days in Brighton. This dress used to make heads turn. All for only RM20!

Love thy neighbour: Novels For Nepal. They're an initiative to build and stock a library for the Maha Buddha Lower Secondary School in Yalbang, Nepal. Aren't they awesome?? 

They collect books donated to them and sell them off for a nominal fee of RM5. That is such a steal really for second-hand books. I've always felt that used books have such charm and personality, non?

If you ever come across their stall in bazaars / markets, just buy A book for goodness sakes. That wee bit of money would really go a long way!

The tres wonderful girls behind Novels for Nepal! They're gorgeous... and gracious :)

I love watching kids play with toy phones. 

This stall had a freebie bucket! Next time I'm gonna have one too :D

If I had a little girl I'd have sapu-ed the leotard and fairy wings already!

Guess who came to check out the market: Miss GweGwe & Miss KarKar of Tongue In Chic!

And this was what was left at the end of the day. Not too bad really.  Most of all I was pleased that my stuff had new homes. Hope you're all loved wherever you are!

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