Friday, June 01, 2012

the BFM interview

(a very belated post)

It must be the power of affirmation or divine intervention because I was on NATIONAL freaking RADIO!!
Goodness gracious, you have no idea how many times I’ve muttered to myself, yelled in the shower or exclaimed to my friends that I wish*bisou* bonbon could get air time. So you can imagine my delightful surprise (well, shell-shocked really) when I received an email from BFM 89.9 that they’d like to have me in for a session with Freda Liu on their show ‘Open For Business’. Needless to say I leaped at the opportunity!

Turns out, the producer for ‘Open For Business’ had sampled some *bisou* bonbon products in Kaleidoscope and liked them! It’s such joy to learn that people like / love my products. I’d probably tear if I continue on this note. Like other makers who take pride in their craft, it’s the biggest compliment of all when people tell me they enjoy my product. Perhaps so much blood, sweat and tears have gone into *bisou* bonbon that I can’t help but feel so strongly about each and every one of my products. Anyhoots, I was given a sample of potential questions to answer and ultimately my homework was to listen to past shows. It was intimidating going through the string of podcasts of entrepreneurs who were on the show. There were alot of established businessmen + woman featured on ‘Open for Business’ and I’m thinking to myself “Whoah where do *bisou* bonbon belong in this sea of Titans?” That and “Man everyone sounds so darn intellectual.”

I'm at BFM 89.9! Wooot!!

There was no time for self-doubt obviously what with the interview just days ahead and so many more podcasts to go through. I didn’t sleep well the night before. Fearful that I would f*ck the interview up and appear to be an airhead on national freaking radio! Miss ChongChong had a tip for me ‘cos afew of her bosses have been on BFM 89.9: don’t say “uh...” ‘cos it sounds darn annoying on air. I arrived crazy early and took the lift to BFM 89.9’s office. A show was going on and everyone else was busy doing their own thingy. Freda came to my rescue. She was a fiery dynamic character and awfully nice. I probably looked like a deer in the headlight. She reassured me that everything would go along well. We were seated in the (airtime?) room and Freda explained regarding the basic use of headphones etc. The rest went by in a flash. I only have mere pockets of hazy memories of how everything went down.  And did I hold my ‘uh-s’? Nay, I let ‘em rip like machine guns :D And I’m reminded by them every time I play the podcast *cringe*

After the interview, I went back to the car, blasted 'Moves Like Jagger' out LOUD, did an upper body dougie and a 1-man mexican wave!!

This marked an important milestone for *bisou* bonbon. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Adeline and Freda at BFM 89.9 for taking such a warm interest in us and most of all to everyone who have supported *bisou* bonbon & *bisou* rose from the start and especially those who still do. We would not have been able to be where we are if not for your support. Thank you very much again.

(Haiya... see I’m tearing again...)


oxoloco said...

ooh la la! congratulations babe ;)

shelbybaby said...

oxoloco: thanks so much gorgeous! <3

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