Sunday, January 01, 2012

same sh*t different year

Not to sound awfully pessimistic but isn't it always the case?

If there's one thing I've learnt this year NEVER plan for the holidays... we had big dreams of all of us girls with our respective other gathered around Miss ChongChong's coffee table one our second round of Monopoly just prior to NYE countdown. Instead she broke up and Miss ChewChew ffk-ed us for a trip to Hutan Belum with her boyfriend. Dargh! A party of 8 turned into a party of 4 and there's not much that can be planned for such a small crowd. So I cooked and we decided to continue with fireworks watching over at Miss ChongChong's.

Miss ChongChong fried 'crab' claws and I whipped up some of Nigella's cocktail sausages as entree and some pasta as main course. Something went a lil' off with the sausages 'cos the skin got real tough... should I have removed it?

We don't learn.. that's our list of things-to-do in 2012!  :D
Still we made do with the situation and Miss ChongChong entertained us with  Wii bowling. It's awesome this Wii!

For dessert Miss TanTan made this yummy tiramisu. We drizzled 2012 all over the surface of the cake.

As the moment drew near, we adjourned to the garden awaiting anxiously for fireworks. Miss ChongChong popped her annual usual: Passion Pop and poured them into disposable wine glasses. Nastily yummy  :)

Miss ChongChong's celebration staple!

Soon enough we started seeing fireworks being released in a distance. It started with the left side getting all sparkly moving onto the right. It seemed as if everyone celebrated the stroke of midnight in a different time. Better that way so everyone gets to enjoy multiple sessions of fireworks in exchange.

As usual, Curve's fireworks never fail to impress!

I know I say this every year but here's to a better year. Happy new year all!

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