Sunday, January 29, 2012

the good societea

The Good Societea Market was our first market of the year. One of my new year's resolution is to be a lil' more rajin when it came to *bisou* bonbon markets / bazaars. This was a quiet one but it was so good to catch up with Miss AidAid of Whenever Shop and Ah Bened of New Oral.

Once in awhile it's nice to see BonBonniere decked out simply.

Hiver (dry, eczema-prone skin) and Printemps (oily and congested skin) made their debut that day.

This is analogue and lomo love in a booth(!): Photocraft.

Freshly old stuff at Outdated.

Never thought you'd be able to find pop art in KL? This is where I get my Mark Ryden fix: New Oral.

In conjunction with the market and book-binding workshop is the tea-tasting session complimentary of Tea Republic.

Little Syam is the book-binding guru. She probably taught everyone who's teaching book-binding now. 

And she's such a beauty. Look at her happy eyes  :)

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