Sunday, December 18, 2011

vintage xmas market @ big market

Mosied over to Cheras for a quaint Christmas Market at Big Ideas. They have a lovely space.

*bisou* bonbon's Xmas care packages made their debut at the market. My my don't we look festive??

Pink Parisien christmas care Package no.1

Pink Parisien christmas care Package no.2

Pink Parisien christmas care Package no.3

Love the denim shirt by Twizs. Note their cuff-fold technique... tres cool!

Magical pop-up books by Whenever Shop never fail to surprise me at every turn of page.

Aida of Whenever Shop is the cutest thing to ever grace this earth!

Mossery makes happy paper goods and stationery. Check out their hilarious bookmarks :)

Kitschy old furniture and decor sourced and restored by The Great Indoors for vintage-lovers.
Miracle Watts is pretty much an eclectic stall selling bits and bobs from notebooks to wooden alphabets.

Petit Paper was my favourite booth that day! I had to peel myself off their stall cos I like everything that was on their table! OMG the agony...

Miss XinXin  of Petit Paper showed me one of her not-for-sale private masking tape collections. They're of the raffle ticket theme! Awesome possum! 

I died and went to Washi heaven!

You can get Papier posters personalized at Oxoloco. They're so shabby chic! Loves  :)

Miss SaSa of Oxoloco also makes dreamy jewellery. Isn't her booth decor pretty pretty?? 

The sandwich stall turned out to be a hit (with all of us)!! Guy and I kept making trips over to buy a bun-lah, sandwich-lah, potato thingy-lah...

I wish I had more time to slowly thumb through Momage's handmade art. 

Hart Living has a range of hilarious household items. Lookout for the squirrel and acorn magnets (bought that!) and dove door-stopper! Fun  :D

Bo-s play Santa! Falalalalalalalala...

The crowd was fairly slow so the vendors had time to peruse and ponder. What was so adorable was that we ended up shopping from each other's booth (trading in a sense..)! I made some new friends and at least I had the opportunity to introduce *bisou* bonbon to a new crowd. All in a day's work!

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