Wednesday, December 28, 2011

post-xmas breakfast

A couple years back in our mid-twenties we would never have had this problem but now that we're 30, it seems almost impossible to find a mutual time in our iPhone / Blackberry / Moleskine schedules! Thank goodness for brunch schedules (goodbye lunch and dinner slots, they're so passe and always booked out) or we'd never have the chance to meet outside Facebook.

It was a sunny Boxing Day and we all met up in Antipodean Cafe (the go-to breakfast place of current)

Check out Miss TanTan's festive manicure! It just cried 'ring ring ding-a-ling..' !

Their banana pancake with butterscotch is yummy as hecks!

I'd recommend sausage over bacon (too dry!) in their Big Breakfast. Their sunny-side-up was quite a fail. Boo. Boleh-lah but not great.

We were headed down to the carpark but something colour-blocking caught our attention. Turns out there was some Lego exhibition going on in Bangsar Village II. I haven't played with Lego since pre-puberty so seeing those Lego flowers and embossed sea got me all excited! There were a bunch of made up houses so Miss ChongChong and I went 'house shopping'  :D

We chose this for Miss ChewChew 'cos she's outdoorsy and has penchant for rustic living. 

C'est moi! I didn't appreciate the limited space but something's gotta give when you've got a lovely garden, Smart car, lap pool / hot tub and outdoor breakfast patio (WITH CROISSANTS!!). Oh and I've got cable. Mega cool. 

We chose this for Miss TanTan 'cos she's big on space and adores fuss-free lines. 

Miss ChongChong chose this beach house 'cos she's showy like that! Ahaha and 'cos she loves parties and  funk..

Which is your favourite home?

Bangsar Village II
No.2 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 KL
Tel: +603 2288 120

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