Tuesday, December 20, 2011

just another birthday :)

I'm always pokai in December what with Guy, Sophiekins, Miss ChewChew and Miss ChongChong's birthday along with Christmas at the end. Anyhoots I got Guy's gift delivered to me at work and I hurried home to get it wrapped (with brown paper obviously... I gave up after the first reel of proper wrapping paper. The thing's a MONSTER!). I danced inside in anticipation as I waited for him to get home.

moi: TADAAA!!
Guy: Hmm..
moi: WAT??? You don't like it??
Guy: Well, it says here I can't open it till NEXT YEAR..!!
moi: Erk (!!) oh oops eheheh *malu*

Turns out I was actually dating everything 07/12/12! Rest assured none of which was a cheque or I'd be making alot of enemies. He did like the gift though, in case you were wondering. Size does matter  :D

We had our annual conjoint birthday dinner (no point having 3 separate celebrations with the soft economy) at Charcoal World Steamboat on a GroupOn deal. Turns out we've never had hot pot together which explains why we got awkward when it came to deciding what goes in first.

Not taking into account our GroupOn limitations, the variety of soup and raw food is pretty extensive. Their sauces are yummy (I did have the runs after that but it could be because I have a weak gut and IBS) and their service is pretty efficient. I enjoyed eating out of a steamboat that actually looks like an authentic steamboat and it's such a novelty to have the soup boiled over charcoal! It was fun to have everyone get into the game of fishing for clams (that dislodged themselves from their shells and got lost in the soup abyss) and chuck fishballs down the bubbling soup.  

Birthday peeps were made compulsory to wear fun I Badges. 

I forgot to bring a pair of scissors and so the bunting looks like a clothesline rather than mini flags. Cute nonetheless though.
This time around we're all 30!

Charcoal World Steamboat
PJU 6 Kompleks Besar Bandar Utama
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-77100690

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