Saturday, December 24, 2011

12 days of christmas 2011 wishlist

Santa please... *puppy dog eyes*

Pink Christmas Tree from Christmas Tree For Me

Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal *tick*

Flamingo fascinator by Bee Smith 

Pewter measuring spoons by Beehive Kitchenware

Le Butterfly Aventurine Totem by leanimale

T13 Organic Bezel Ring with Peach Zirconia by lachicadeloanillos

Letterpress recipe cards and recipe box by 1Canoe2

kozyndan Bunny Blossom by New Oral *tick*

Holiday centrepiece by The Little Succulent Shop

Phillipa by Goldie London at Topshop

The Guide to Living Colorfully by Kate Spade

Anything and everything from Lauren Mofatt Spring 2012 collection 

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