Wednesday, November 16, 2011

so much to do

... so little will power.

I mean time. And money.

Was telling Miss BellaBella that I've been on the down-low lately cos the whole day job + studies + social life + business + blogging etc etc etc is driving me to spontaneously combust(!!). I almost fell into some mild depression (last this happened was when I was in 2nd year med school) and had to quickly pull the plug to some stuff before burning out. Of everything I could possibly give up momentarily would be the business given the fact I cannot exactly pull out of my day job or studies or even life! Perhaps that's why I'm pretty silent as well. Can you imagine having every minute of your time account for something?? I don't even have a moment of silence when I sh*t... it was all:

- how to we decrease the freakin' patient load?
- how to improve the business?
- how to sort out my minor thesis?
- how to patch up my friend with her estranged husband?
- how to solve my PCOS?
- should I correct my crappy perm with a Brazillian Blowout?
- how to lose weight faster?
- where can I buy a rainbow cake?
- how to keep myself from feeling trapped in the govt service?
- who sells baker's twine (the american sort)?
- did I overspend on stickers?
- who can help me grab a Versace x H&M something?? anything??
- should I get a maid?

Miss BellaBella was saying something about her mum sending some kinda Feng Shui element over to her to help augment 'ong' and I'm thinking I need to get me some of that for CLARITY.

Thus, to gently help me siphon out a small portion of the abovementioned stress, I dropped by Sundays (came across this MWS article when I was yahoo-ing Washi Tapes) to pick up some Jap masking tapes and a bar of Saipua (yup florist extraordinaire... well I knew them for their flowers before their soap). That shop is a dream filled with treasured finds and rustic kitsch... very Anthrolopologie-esque.

1F-29 & 30
Bangsar Village II
Jalan Telawi 1
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60322842308

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