Tuesday, November 01, 2011

random schrandom vii

I'm in LOVE with this book! Gordon speaks true to my heart. A couple of good friends were suffering from heartaches and break ups so I bought them a Livingston book on 'How To Love' (themselves and again).

Braved the weekend queue at Levain and bought myself truckloadsa carb-ridden goodies and a baguette of course! i would like to come back and have a meal at this place on a day with a milder crowd. 

Look at my lovely Japanese roses... before some asshole conman who claimed he was a gardener and could convert the patch of grass outside my house into a Jap roses lawn. He wanted to charge me RM80 (which I thought was pretty fair to get rid of the lalang, replant my current roses and add more) but I only had RM10 in my wallet. I told him I'd pay him the rest of the fee once he gets things done. I came back in the evening only to find that the f*cker had stolen my earth leaving it bare and in a terrible mess! Also he clipped the heads of all my roses too! Burn in hell celaka punya bast*rd *shaking fist in air* !!  

I regret not buying this Eiffel Tower nanoblock

As you can see, at Market Hall, they take their food personally.  I went there with an intention to get an Inkypots  milk jug and left the place with a mega macaron = magacron  :D

Saw this Atelier Versace S/S 2011 dress on display in Pavilion that was previously worn by Fan Bing Bing. The ruffles looked heavenly and a joy to caress as well (couldn't help to touch until I realized I was probably being watched by CCTV and freaked out!). I wonder how it feels to wear couture...

Lovin' the greeting card over at The *Click* Shop. Sophiekins was there to purchase some lomo films.

The last picture of Crouching (Hidden's been dead for months) before he took his last gulp of air last week. R.I.P.

Such felicity to have rainbows (and other Lucky Charms) in my breakfast!

This is cross-eyed moi redeeming a session of hair-rescue treatment at Svenson.  Enjoyed the oxygen therapy though not enough to sign up for a package. 

Who says we can't have a bite of rainbow??

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