Monday, November 28, 2011

princess sophia grace

I am IN LOVE with Princess Sophia Grace! She's 8 years old and fluent in Super Bass *hail sifu*

I'm 30 and I can't even get the post-chorus right!

She is crazy adorable!! Shaddup haters.. she is cute as hecks and I am living my 8-year old self vicariously through her  :D  Love love love her enthusiasm!

Even Ellen's taken by her...

Ellen's just the sweetest, non? 'Twas really lovely of her to get Nicki to come over and twice as nice of Nicki to agree. It must be such joy to see your pop idol in person. As a child you must really think things cannot get better than this. Did you see her dad sobbing? Hilarious but endearing. What the heck did her mum ate to produce such a brilliant child?? I want a daughter like her!

And if you didn't get enough of Princess Sophia, here's the shopping spree she was promised. When I was young, all I really wanted was a shopping spree in Toys-R-Us. Serious. So you can imagine my envy hehe. Love her anecdote with the suitcase.

Which reminds me I really need that pink pretzel necklace..!

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