Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's me in fashionnn!

I've always dreamed of attending Fashion Week so you can imagine how thrilled I was to get an invite to MIFW (Malaysia International Fashion Week) 2011's Asia Magic Gala!! This was probably the most exciting thing that happened to me this year. For ages I've watched FTV and Fashion Week coverage on magazines or E!, never in my wildest thoughts did I think I would get a chance to sit by the runway rubbing elbows with fashion bigwigs. Obviously I'm no Susie Bubble, Bryanboy or The Cherry Blossom Girl hence it's not everyday a mediocre nobody such as moi would get such an opportunity. So here are truck loadsa pics babydolls! 

I had no idea this place (Zebra Square) existed. Very Hampstead Heath though still under construction.

Turns out we were one of the first to arrive. While everyone was mingling and looking cool...

... I horsed around! Why am I such a nerd?? It's like an undeniable force that compels me to constantly make a fool outta myself.. SOMEONE STOP ME!!

I know I could've done better. I'm sorry. I'm still too FAT for my nice frocks.

Hair accessory: *bisou* rose Petite Joie
Dress: Zara
Tote: Goyard
Bag: Mulberry Alexa

Guess who's the stylo milo in the middle?

I was super in awe by The Idan's Gaga-McQueenesque killer non-heels!

They're custom-made and fastastico!

Met Miss TeeTee of Tongue in Chic here to cover the show. I'm lovin her gold-trim collar chiffon blouse.  She looks immaculate!

The lavatories had no lights. WTF. So I peed in the dark with my mobile as light source. Took a page off Urbanscapes port-a-loo.

I was told that the entrance queue can be a real b*tch. So we stood in line just as it turned dusk. We waited patiently being 3rd in line only to find so-called VIP entourages getting through the velvet rope in hoards. By the 2nd hour my calves started to act up and I could feel my soles ache like I was walking on pebbles. Unsure what the system there was so I just kept mum. I was just glad to be there. Though they oughta be a wee bit fair to us with invites. We're guests too.

Anyhoots, we finally got in *silent shriek* and headed towards Gallo's 'turf'. This is it!

Front row @ MIFW y'all!! Feelin' like Kimora siut... livin' my life in the fab lane *cue: fabulo-fabulous..*

Miss KosKos rocking her delicious lime-green Mulberry Alexa! 

I sat here and took it all in. The runway, the lights, the people, the smell of vogue in the air...

Look at all the fashion photographers at the back with their mega cameras and stocky tripods. 

I spy with my eyes: Farah Khan!
If you watch enough FTV you'll know that First Face is a big deal.

Deborah Henry hosted the night. 

First up was Ashley Isham. Statement floral headpieces. Flowing goddess maxis. Metallic Lady Liberty.

Next up was Nue by Jonathan Liang. Structured tailoring. Sequins. Androgynous sensuality.

Cacac by Lee Sinje. The Kedah-born international actress debuted her own line filled with gradient chiffons and lots of soft layerings. I had no idea who she was but Miss KosKos did *shy* I think I may need to start catching up with my Chinese soaps + movies trivia.

The much anticipated show: Gallo's Foxy Foxy Boom Boom Autumn / Winter Collection featuring some of my favourite boys... I screamed so loud that I earned a dismaying "How old are you again?" look from Miss KosKos. Starlight starbright. Playful and ethereal.

DJ Goldfish kickstarted the men's collection. OoOOooh!

Favourite model: DJ Blink

(conversation back home)
moi: Ayoyo he's so freakin' hot!! Even more in person! Hubba hubba!
Guy: -_-

Favourite piece: Gallo by Thian Jumpsuit

I spy with my eyes Jeremy Teo of Red FM!

Demure Teresa Thian and her entourage of beautiful boys  :)  

Khoon Hooi's a crowd favourite. We're talking bold colours. Ruffles and ladies on the night out!

Go Asia Magic Gala!!

Literally moving fashion forward.

Thanks so much Gallo for such an awesome possum time!! It was a magnificent show and I look forward to the Spring / Summer 2012 collection  :)

Shelbybaby  Gallo by Thian

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