Friday, November 25, 2011

issit me 'cos i really think this is a sh*t perm

This should be the hair someone has BEFORE a perm / straightening session.

The word is should.

I know I said I was gonna leave the hair alone after the pre-CNY fiasco but when I saw the supposedly great Hairkunst offer on Group On I just couldn't help myself. What is wrong with me? Did I not learn from my previous lesson? Did I not comprehend the time and effort it took to attempt at restoring my hair to a better condition? Again I was promised that it would be a light Korean looking perm *sigh* by their senior hairstylist (I really oughta stop with the whole senior hairstylist thingy). Why do I keep doing this to myself? Perhaps this is why certain girls keep dating bad boys or how the nail salon girls continue to hoax us into their manicure packages.

I was looking for a hairstyle that could bring me from day to night with minimal fuss and I thought a perm was the answer. I thought wrong. It's SUPER high maintenance what with the special perm shampoo + conditioner and the combing when it's wet along with twirling as it dries. Don't even get me started on the products. Even so the hair would still go into a frizzing frenzy! It's ridiculous really.

So now I'm stuck with an irreversible French poodle do which is beginning to turn into dreads (at the back).

Brazilian blowout anyone??

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