Monday, November 28, 2011

babycakes macaron class

The parental units and I were headed to Sri Nirwana Maju when we walked by what appeared to be a quaint kitchenware shop. The copper pots and pans were so inviting so we took a detour and discovered yet another gem in Bangsar! I bought a pair of wooden tossing forks. I've been looking for one ever since I saw Nigella tossing her pasta about with external 'hands'. Sometime later I received a newsletter regarding cooking classes to be held in Pantry Magic. One in particular caught my eye: macaron classes by Nicole of Babycakes Sweet Shoppe!! I loveee Babycakes and i'm thinking if I were to ever attend a macaron baking class, it had better be with her! I mean her (shop) name is Babycakes! Do you actually need another reason??  ;) 

Trust me when I say her macarons are yummy! And isn't she a cutie?

So as usual-lah despite reminding myself multiple times about the class, I forgot! There I was busy making a batch of lavender body scrubs when I got a phone call enquiring if I still jadi as time was up! In a flurry, I yanked off my apron, jumped into Dddy's car (he was coincidentially on the way out) and we sped to Bangsar.. in my just-outta-bed hair + sweaty self + funny-smelling tee (you know that weird hanyir smell you get when you don't dry your clothes well post-wash.. can't help it was in the rush and that was the only decent looking top at first grab). Better late than never huh?

Didn't I say enticing?

Turns out they were already half an hour into the baking class. Boo. I sat my plump bottoms onto an empty seat panting. Still I was excited to be there  :) 

I missed out on the mixing but at least I was there  when they began piping.

Isn't Nicole the chicest pastry chef ever?? I am so digging her tan. Turns out prior to Babycakes she was a make-up artist.. it's no wonder her foundation was flawless!

She did say it took her around 1000 macarons before she was able to pipe perfectly effortlessly. Doesn’t she make it look all too easy?

We all took turns to pipe. Needless to say the distorted nipple ones were ours!

I really appreciate the lil’ tips and tricks she taught us. Also I can comprehend why macarons are so expensive. They’re pretty tedious and require so much attention. Ahh.. the French: trust them to be fussy about their pastry!

Check out the sexy foot  ;)
Piping the ganache was most difficult. I could feel my biceps constipating as I forced the chocolate filling onto the shells. 

Nicole packed all our macarons into tres cute Babycakes. She even tied ribbons around them which was the nicest touch! I ♥ ribbons!

Our shells were so cacat that they had to be meticulously matched in order for the macarons to be passable enough for packing. The odd shells ended up in the most appropriate place: our mouths!

Nicole's good friend made her this super-cutes apron! Lovely, non?

Babycakes macarons are centainly one of the yummiest I've tasted in the city.  We're talking a light crisp shell with squishy al-dente-ish middle enhanced by its flavourful ganache. 

We were treated to snacks by Pantry Magic and macaron courtesy of Babycakes Sweet Shoppe.
So what if I had 2, fine 3, rounds? Don't judge.

The first batch of graduates. Alumni y'all! 

(aaargh look at that auntie on the right!)

For  further information on cooking / pastry classes as well as wonderful kitchen items:

Pantry Magic

49, Jalan Telawi Tiga
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 22011578  
Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00 

For further information on tres deliceux macarons + other sweet heavenlies:

Babycakes Sweet Shoppe
Ground Floor, G City Club Hotel
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 012 2190069
Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00 

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