Monday, October 31, 2011

polly put the kettle on

Aren't handwoven books intriguing?

They certainly intrigue me.. 

I came across Angelicquirk in one of the markets and just totally fell in love with her handmade books alongside her other cutesy crafts. Needless to say I signed up at her first bookbinding workshop. Miss VinVin of Angelicquirk has turned from fellow vendor to crafting friend. She's as lovely as her work.

Us students were welcomed into the Angelicquirk studio that Saturday morning where everyone was given their individual pack of papers and cloth (for the covers) along with our very own SAW! It was such a breezy feeling to come together with people with the same objective: to bind a book! I didn't think I would make friends in this workshop but friend-making I did  :)

Some Saturday Night Fever stitching right there!

I love the refreshments put out. I know I know.. snacks has got nothing to do with bookbinding but the tea was yumsss...

I have to admit I struggled a wee bit with the stitching and technique (never one for thinking on a weekend morning) but the book turned out in the end! Was the last to finish though. 

Turns out the first time I tied the charm to the book I actually tied it the wrong way around! Also I accidentally cut my cloth a tad too short that it started fraying at the ends so I had to purchase book corners (available at Evelin's) to keep 'em from falling apart!

Not the nicest work but cutes nonetheless  :)

You can visit Angelicquirk's website here to get more information or dates on Kettle or Coptic Stitching classes. I've yet to go for a Coptic class.. perhaps I'll see you there!


Evelin said...

Darling, thanks for the shout out! Hugs!!! :D

shelbybaby said...

aww, no worries bout that evelin :)

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