Friday, October 28, 2011

mengandung-i lemak

It’s not that I didn’t have time to vent but I just didn’t have the ‘feel’ to say anything. Bad spell. Feel a wee bit better today... unsure if it’s cos of the detox or ‘cos I’ve got truckloadsa ME time with Guy away in the jungle for training (I do miss him but I miss my time alone too... now I totally get why Carrie went back to the apartment for awhile to write).

I am venting today because I just came from a Brazilian wax with my favourite wax-therapist and she’s preggers! No I’m not pregs yet (in case you’re curious). I did notice that she was getting a tad chubby during my previous visit a couple of months ago but I figured hey we have our FAT moments and this was probably hers and even though I’ve gotten used to mine (EVERYDAY’s a FAT day to me wahaha), it’s rude to ask people why they’ve put on weight. I mean I HATE it when people go on and on about how chubbier I am now. F*ck. I don’t go around yabbering on and on about what a goat you’ve turned into! Anyhooters, as she yanked follicles from my pubic region I giggled at how far we’ve come together. I first met her when she was still in Strip. She does the best eyebrow waxing ever! I’ve tried others and everyone else (so far) pales in comparison.. which is why I’ve followed her to her current place. Back then we were both single ladies at that time and I had just finished my studies. When I started dating, she was getting serious with a dude as well. And when I rushed to her place in a hurry to get my waxing done before the wedding, she was on her honeymoon! And now she’s pregnant :) We’ve witnessed each other’s milestone! How cool is that?? Not many of us can say that about their wax therapist now can they?? Heh.

So now she’s pregnant and I guess I should start working on getting pregnant too. Ahaha that did come across chore-ish huh? I didn’t mean for it. But yeah I ought to get busy with this. At first we were planning to hold the reigns for at least 6 months but in between the wedding planning and my move into the clinic, I lost my menses. All the stress and bad habits took a toll on my body and f*cked my menstrual cycle up. I was then diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarion Syndrome (PCOS) which meant it would be even more of an uphill trek in the making-babies department. The hormonal imbalance was a real b*tch with the resurgence of adult acne, insulin resistance, hirsutism (upper lip wax holla!) and obesity. It’s only then that I actually got kinda hot and bothered about getting pregnant. We always want what we can’t or seemingly can’t have kan? For all the time I felt that I wasn’t ready to have a baby, (though not super confident) I now feel that I’m ready to have a child if he / she’ll have me. I’ll deal with the nagging thoughts about a house helper or diaper brands etc later.

I was at my heaviest just a week ago at 76kg. Even my table mate who is usually pretty discreet pointed out to me that I have put on some weight. Back in the days when I was single not being able to fit into my shorts would have be an alarming screech but being married and horribly complacent, I simply switched to comfy harem pants and ignored the beep. I decided upon weigh-in to take responsibility of my health and fertility. I have lost 3kg so far (let’s hope it’s not just water weight) but I have to admit it’s still a struggle everyday to maintain the determination. All the best to me eh?

Oh and I went from a bad perm to ANOTHER bad perm! I’m such an idiot! Brazilian blowout pulak??


Kathlynn said...

shelbybaby, do share what weight loss programme are you on? ever since being married, I have just let loose, and the weight piled on and on, and im worried there’s no turning back! jus hate it when ppl keep asking me if im preggers and I have to politely say ‘no, I jus put on weight’. so, I NEED to lose weight. pray share!

3kg weight loss is something! gambateh! :)

shelbybaby said...

kathlynn: am tweaking the details and want to be sure that it's really something that works before i endorse it. will definitely post up the regime!!

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