Monday, October 03, 2011

cute shop: kaleidoscope

Have you ever been to Publika??

If you haven't then you OUGHT to! There's a fantastique shop there which houses an eclectic of extraordinary stuff which is a must-visit  :)

Oh and they're looking for a shop manager and sales assistant. Any takers?

Like it's name, walking into Kaleidoscope is like stepping into a space filled with an array of colourful items. There's just something to be bought in that cute shop!

The exquisite shop is owned by 2 lovely ladies who also designed the interiors of the shop.  It's so rustic yet elegant at the same time..!

Do look out for their twigs + branches chandelier along with their birdcage lamp. I am seriously in awe of their birdcage lamp only because I'm amidst making my own (inspired by Mathieu Challieres) and am struggling to complete it hehe  :)

Wonderful book gifts by The Whenever Shop.

Witty buttons by I Heart Badges!

My favourite: Whimsy Whimsical papergoods!! Got myself truck loadsa cards   :)

I promised Guy I would get him this Magdoline soap for Christmas! 

Home decor by Kaleidoscope's in-house items. Love 'em porcelain birds.

What do we have here?? Former market stall neighbour Dreamie Nuttie owls! Also Sugarfloss plush balls and mobile. Perfect for little tots..

Avant garde accessories by Soak Republic. Me likes the piece with the Queen's crown!

Artwork by Tan See Ling and Rei Yap (not featured in this picture).

Demure handmade accessories by Emi & Katrina.

Sustainable fashion takes the form of Menorcan handcrafted Spanish Little Abarcas sandals made from natural and recycled materials. Ole! (hehe haven't said that in awhile)

Kaleidoscope's in-house label featuring hand-drawn batik kaftans.

Aren't these laptoppers a joy?? They even have ones especially for  Quran / Bible books.

Last but not least.. the piece de resistance of the shop: why it's our very own bath and body care  *bisou* bonbon of course!! Tres exciting. I'm super duper delighted for *bisou* bonbon to be housed in such a merry home.  

Do come and show us some bonbon lovin' by picking up a scrub / balm / spritzer or two for yourself and loved ones. Our items are on 10% discount as of now as an opening treat! 

G3-37 Publika Shopping Gallery
Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-62522270


jacqueline said...

Oh sweet shelby, that is such a wonderful shop! Love it...will have to visit it sometime soon! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

shelbybaby said...

jacqueline: it is isn't it?? i sure wish i had a shop like that. you have yourself a sparkling week ahead babydoll :)

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