Thursday, September 29, 2011

cute shop: fabric fanatics

For those who knew me since my Indon days they'd know that I'm a big-time cloth hoarder! From the fancy kebaya cloths in Pasar Baru and silky Jap cotton in Kamdar, I just cannot resist fabric shops. They drive me into a buying frenzy!

Most of the cloths turn into super awesome cutting-edge kebayas designed by yours truly (I can't wear them anymore 'cos I've gotten FAT.. boo!). Others turn into work kurungs and a handsful become dresses or dinner napkins.

So you can imagine my thrill when one of my favourite online fabric shops, Fabric Fanatics, finally opened their physical store in USJ19 :) Kelly (the lovely ladyboss) is a crafting friend I've gotten to know recently and she's an avid supporter of the handmade universe. She wrote a very inspirational article on handmade pricing which I do refer to until now. I am still a craft business nouveau in comparison to alot of people who have been selling handmade goods for a long time and I never tire from learning something new about the biz. Anyhooters... back to the shop!

I got lost coming here! Tip: Drive past USJ Summit and just keep going straight (ignoring ridiculous road signs) and after a couple of traffic lights you'll find USJ19 on your left. It's a small lil' mall with a Carrefour supermarket. Fabric Fanatics is at the top most floor I think in the deep corner of the floor.

Isn't the shop a cheer?? And having a good dose of whimsical fabric in the morning really makes the medicine go down. I especially love the fact that she also houses some handmade crafts in a corner of her shop. She really does practice what she preaches :)

Did I get anything?? Apalagi... of course I did! 389332, 327 and some 274!! I so cannot be cured  :)  

There was a particular fabric I was hunting for. I had a glimpse of it during a previous Crafty's Art Market and couldn't sleep properly since. Turns out this Alice in Wonderland fabric was sold out ages ago! I was thoroughly disappointed  :(  Kelly then proceeded to unpin it off her cork board and gave it to me as a gift! Yeayy!! Kelly's such a sweetheart, non? 

Now go visit her sweetheart shop...

Fabric Fanatics

Lot RL2-096, Level 2 
USJ 19 Mall
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan
USJ19, 47620

Tel: 012-6222074

Mon - Sun 1130 - 1900

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