Friday, July 22, 2011

urbanscapes virgin no more..


I finally got my wellingtons worth... after 8 years! There's so much truth in the whole 'shoes = investments' theory after all. Almost a decade ago when the family was having a Fun USA vacation and when wellingtons were the rave(!!), I found a pair in Target's children department on a crazy 75% sale. You have to understand since this was no necessity, the parental units were not prepared to shell out more than RM100 on some ridiculously frivolous pair of footwear. As usual, what I thought was a compulsory turned out to be history and the heart-printed rubber boots ended up adorning the back of my shoe cupboard. But... fast forward 8 years later, it turned out to be the best US$15 I've ever spent on shoes!

The crisp morning air of Padang Astaka was invigorating! Walking pass vendors setting up and waving hello to familiar faces sent a warm fuzzy feeling down my tummy. Bands were doing last-minute sound checks as joggers made their way out. Such a brilliant start to a Sunday.

Peony kept me company as I worked through the decor and display. She's a real laugh. Didn't mind her unicorn dust at all!

Voila! Whadya think?? It was my interpretation of Paris Summertime. Imagine the French city-slickers watching the garden buzz as they rest lazily on wooden park benches while basking in the sun!

Peony brought a friend. This is Ouef. He heard Peony raving about Urbanscapes and came to check it out. He wanted to help out at the stall but nobody understood unicorn talk so he decided to prance dashingly about instead..!

I ought to have taken more pictures of the event. Feel like kicking myself for neglecting my Harenizumi. Still I did, though, take a picture of Oh and Ah: a stall that sweats awesomeness ;D

I have zero idea why I always pull a retarded face when taking a picture with the lovely Adeline of ilovesnackfood. She came to get a *bisou*bonbon Lavender body scrub for her friend. Hope her mate likes the gift!

This cute lil' cupcake actually came back to buy our Mozzie-A-Go-Go with her own piggy bank money! We feel so touched and hope our handmade natural insect repellent will keep the mosquitoes at bay as she cartwheels around the padang.

Big shout out to Rina Omar for dropping by the booth and picking up a jar of *bisou* bonbon body scrub! She bought a tub of Lemon-Mint lip scrub too. Such a darling :) Rina, who used to host Quickie on 8TV, is currently a Wildlife Educator (OMG uber cool right??) at True Discovery. Her passion for flora and fauna is admirable!

The heat and humidity was a tad overbearing but it's nothing compared to the support and love shown by the festival goers and friends. I feel so blessed to be in the company of such amazing people. Thank you all once again!

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