Monday, June 13, 2011

handmade kl craft party: t-shirt refashion

My corner: Rose Soda (my usual) and a Superainbow cuppacake. Daiso kimono fabric camera case. IKEA fabric scissors. Fabric Fanatics Michael Miller Flower Fairies Blossoms fabric.

Hello hummingbirds!

Did you have a good weekend?? I know I did! In fact it was fantastic :)

I'm sure y'all know I attended Murni's Handmade KL Craft Party in the spirit of Etsy's birthday and other craft parties being thrown all around the world. It was mountains of fun and I haven't had so much glee in the morning for some time! I woke up with a smile on my face and climbed into my car in anticipation of the new skill I was about to acquire. The drive to Wondermilk was surprisingly pleasant (traffic was unusually light) and I found a parking spot just a stone's throw away from the cafe. Love it when that happens!

I was seated with Sara (who found out about the party through my Facebook shoutouts) and Zaahira (a new friend!) and we all had paper ribbon flag place cards (tutorial here) which were awesome! I ♥ Murni's whimsical touch!

There were just so much to choose from: embellishments, threads, paints, fabrics, laces and LOADSA buttons..!! I ended up using probably just 5% of the 'buffet' table 'cos my mind hanged at the sight of a gazillion choices :D

These were the voting jars for Most Creative and Miss Congeniality... guess who won Miss Congeniality?? *bunny hop hop*

This is Murni giving us a basic tutorial on how to start out our t-shirt reconstruction. I just realized that Murni's tee actually says: Fashion Recyclist! Talk about dressing for the occassion :)

Sara's tee says 'I'm a chick' *giggle* So cute! We met a year ago at a blogger's event and recently strutted the catwalk together. 

Miss ZaaZaa is a bubbly 20-year old girl who has the same MimpiMurni necklace as I do except her msg pendant says 'Be Free' or something in that manner. It was SO joyous to be seated with people as excited about the craft party as I was! I told Miss ZaaZaa that the craft party's a great excuse for Murni stalkers like us to hang out..

I ♥ my tablemates! Oh and Sara pointed out that we were dressed in traffic-light colours! How hilarious!

Guess who I met: fellow handmade bazaar mate Foon of Things Eye Made.

Also fellow crafter Miss RaRa who has visited my stall in the previous Crafty Art Market. She has the cutest daughter and a wonderful blog that speaks of beautiful stuff and soirees! My kinda girl :)

This is the winner of Most Creative! Look at that intricate work in just 2 hours(!!). Mine was abysmal and so I gave up after awhile and started mingling instead.. wahaha trust me to not be able to sit still.

Turns out I've known Murni for quite awhile now. She pointed it out when I spotted her camera strap made of this Japanese cloth she used to line her bazaar tables with. How time flies but I still ♥ Mimpi Murni!

Till the next craft partayyy!!


ira said...

it was a pleasure meeting u up :).
hey you're the first to call me 'RaRa'..interesting! ;)

shelbybaby said...

ira: oooh do hope to meet you in the near future miss rara!! ;D have a merry weekend babydoll..

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