Saturday, May 14, 2011

who are you?

Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It’s not about being human. It’s not your name. It’s not about gender.

Who are you?

It’s not your marital status. It’s not about being a parent. It’s not your race.

Who are you?

Essentially when you peel away layers of pretence and conformity, what’s left?

Is it beautiful... or ugly? Is it alone... or loved?

I thought about this question hard. Who am I? Do people know me? If I found out who I was would I like me? Am I fair to myself? Am I my own cheerleader? Do I nudge myself to grow or do I allow myself to rot in self-pity?

A couple of close friends of mine broke up recently. Single again at 30. Some of you may think: OMG tragic! I think: better that than an unhappy marriage! If the relationship ain’t working why keep giving it chances? Why waste moments of your precious life being unhappy when you can actually be... happy? *click*

When, therefore, someone purports to do so and says the words we so long to hear, it is not surprising that we might choose to ignore incongruent behaviours. When I hear someone say, “He does inconsiderate things, but I know he loves me,” I usually ask if it is possible to intentionally hurt someone we love. Would we do such a thing to ourselves? Can we love the truck that runs us over?

... Gordon Livingston ...

Everything boils down to how well do you know yourself. ‘Cos if you don’t know yourself than how would you know what you want? And if you don’t know what you want then how would you know how to get it etc etc etc. So.. Stop coddling yourself! Stop feeling sorry... stop making excuses... stop whining and most of all stop trying feebly. If you want to try TRY HARD. If you want to look for yourself LOOK HARD. If you want to love yourself LOVE HARD.

I’m sorry. I’m just pissed with people who think being single is the most pathetic thing in life. IT IS NOT! It’s your precursor to a relationship.. so how can you have a fabulous couple life if you didn’t have a fantastic time being single?

Think about it.

Who are you?


Kathlynn said...

well said!

shelbybaby said...

kathlynn: i hope so :) babe, so sorry for the postal delay. will be popping over to the post office tomorrow. you should be getting the package in no time..

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