Wednesday, May 11, 2011

safilo fall / winter 2011 media preview

2 weeks ago I was invited to attend Safilo's Fall / Winter Preview at G Tower. I actually took leave for this 'cos it was in the middle of a working week during peak working hours. Besides my day job doesn't allow me to pop out for awhile and back :P It was nice to be asked and the least I could do was show up and have a good time!

Wikipedia: Safilo Group is the world's second-largest eyewear company that designs, produces and distributes prescription frames, sunglasses and sports eyewear under its own five “House” brands and about thirty licensed brands. The company also creates eyewear under license for designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent just to name afew.

How cool is the location??

I was greeted by Safilo's staff and person in charge (holla Georgiana!) and given a brief low-down on the event. She then left me to wander in my own pace. I could try on anything I want! It felt like playing dress up with mom's clothes except now it's with Safilo's shades..

I started with Balenciaga!

This is my favourite Balenciaga. I'm Harriet Potter... Accio!

OooOoh I like this one too... spacey!

Moving on to Boss Orange. According to Hugo Boss (on Facebook), Orange is the new cool :D

I can hardly find geek frames that sit nicely on my cheeks. It actually structures my FAT face.. sharpening its features :)

I find this pretty fun. Seriously.

I could never pull aviators off but Boss' chunky lenses makes me look quite abit of cool. Top Gun y'all! *cue Berlin*

Up next, Marc Jacobs.

I've noticed that Fall / Winter leaned towards horn-rimmed glasses and aviators. A 60s or 70s comeback perhaps??

Giles Deacon isdatchu?? I'm lovin' this MJ piece de resistance!

The Little Miss Marcs light up what used to be just rims (snore to just rims).

Who's turn now? Why Valentino of course..!

I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS PIECE! I ♥ ♥ ♥ it!! It's exquisite... c'est fantastique :) Would love to make it mine..

Shoes: Cotton On

Blouse: Gallo
Tank top: Mango
Shoes: Cotton On
Last but not least: Armani Exchange.

They too make killer aviators...

... but this sure is a conversational piece! Like!

The snack spread was yummilicious! Nobody seemed to be eating. Perhaps that is how people in the fashion industry behave. I'd like to think I too belong in the fashion industry but when it comes to mini-burgers and baby quiches, I'm all for the ATTACK!

Sampling everything on the tray and looking like an absolute glut. The food was brilliant..!

The Fall / Winter line will be available in all the leading optometrists.


jacqueline said...

The glasses are lovely. I really adore geeky frames lots too! Awesome preview! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

shelbybaby said...

jacqueline: I KNOWW!! geek frames totally rock :) thank you so much for dropping by and you too have a merry weekend..

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