Friday, May 20, 2011

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This was an almost-perfect paella at My Chef Diary until the soggy risotto. Likes the dessert there though!

During the Pulapol hullabaloo all of us at the Wilayah government clinic took turns to examine the quarantined. How bizarre that I would've bumped into a bootcamp mate (yet again!)? Goes to show that we live in a truly small, small world!

Me and boss sweating it out in full gear! It's sauna in a suit y'all..!

A view not many would be priviledged to witness. Me felt like a VIP what with the popo allowing us to wander about where no other man has gone before ;)

They had a freakin' comfy mess siut! Our doctor quarters back in the hospital absolutely pales in comparison. I had to share a room as a houseman... and they get their own living room!

Lazy day calls for unearthing old Krabi supplies and slurping on collagen orchid juice!

After my disastrous stint at the hairdressers, all that was left was a nest of brittle strands. I had to work it back to strength... so I whipped a hair mask choc-full of keratin-friendly goodies. It does make your hair kinda stiff after but fast-forward 2 to 3 washes later, I felt like my locks were fortified with The Great Wall! Would have wanted to do it every week if it wasn't such a b*tch to clean up after..

Sophiekins bought the family some Salzburger Mozartkugel from her trip to Austria. We each had a pack and it's not as if I was gonna weasel more OKAYYY?? :P

Bank Rakyat sent a marzipan cake to our clinic on Nurse's Day. How sweet!

When Dddy heard it was Nurse's Day, he immediately dashed to KFC and bought my lovely nurses some fried chicken. He's a darling, non? Either that or he may have had a nurse crush back in the hey-days which explains him being an eager beaver ;)

The girls posing with the cake! We don't get appreciative gifts often in the clinic and I'm so glad that someone showed some love that day.

Our clinic Sister being all sister-ly and instructing everyone to chew slowly upon contact with poultry.


We recycled the marzipan greet on a cake the next day. The tongue spatula titi (small bridge) was my idea... so MacGuyver right??

The whole clinic digging in!

Baby Anabel's a month old! And here we are at her Full Moon luncheon :)

I ♥ Full Moon snack boxes!! Red eggs and angku makes me feel all fuzzy and loved inside... don't y'all feel the same way??

Aaargh.. geram..!! :)

Cows in Kota Damansara?? Now that's a moo-stery (wahaha see me crack that joke??) !!

Miss YinYin hosted her hen's night dinner at My Cookbook. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure what the theme colour is...

I have the same Ghost by Phillipe Starck chair! 'Cos we got it from the same place.. heh :P

My order: Sang har wattanhor... whoah check out my Canton! Fierce not??

Me likes their O-Chien. Their oyster morsels are gigantic and yumsss..

We were racing to the car. Dragging our respective balloons. In heels. And short skimpy dresses.

The girls made a wish and sent their hopes into the sky. Hopefully someone out there's listening and that it doesn't end up choking a turtle.

Having a sunshine Sunday at Honeymoon Dessert!

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