Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my market haul!

Hello mello babydolls!

It's been a flurry of excitement week after week that I couldn't even sit still enough to warm the couch! I hope you were able to visit the brilliant Crafty Art Market 3 and fantastic Pipit Wonderful Market 6! How did it go for you?? Tell me?? Most importantly show me your loot :)

Lately the indie craft scene has been abuzzing. Where did these creative megaminds come from?? How is it that I've not heard of their lovely goods before?? It's, like, I took a peek out of my coconut shell and discovered a whole new universe filled with handmade love! I've suddenly fallen in love with handmade dearies. It could be because I'm in the handmade industry myself that I can absolutely comprehend the conscientious care, patience and affection which go into the product. They've got personalities.. stories to tell.. life!

Moi with part of my haul: Things Eye Made necklace and Individium badge courtesy of Miss TanTan! I'm so honoured to be called Artsy- Fartsy :)

The other part of my haul: soaps from Kalleo (I got their Good Moringa & Lavender Shine) and Kinder (I got their Goats Milk Patchouli & The Breakfast Bar), the cutest lil' owl from Dreamie Nuttie, Madalina painting from Dura and The Fashion Forest, Michael Miller fabrics & cotton tapes from Fabric Fanatics. I've saved the best for LAST: Evangelione ballerina doll I've come to name Anais :)

I'm obsessed with Evangelione dolls! This is Elisabeth and she's my favourite. I'm waiting for Tako to consider remaking it along with the darling antlers in ballerina form *hopeful*

I've always loved morbidly beautiful depictions of little girls. Her work reminds me of my favourite artists Mark Ryden and Yoshitomo Nara. This is Charlotte.

Mmmy saw her work in the papers and became terribly infatuated. Miss ChewChew's mum calls the expression 'the sad kinda happy'. Tako thought that description depicts the dolls well!

Tako is such a talented young lady. Her ability to produce such pretty dolls out of cloth is just amazing! I actually collect pictures of her craft corner... is that lame??

Foon is a soft-spoken petite chica who draws and makes her own jewellery line. I was eyeing that necklace for awhile now. When Things Eye Made moved their booth next to mine at Crafty's I quickly popped over and made her mine!

This is absolutely hilarious! I oughta have bought AH for Guy and SS for Dddy :) Miss TanTan bought a collection of Individium badges and distributed them amongst her friends. I told her she oughta gather the people over for her version of the human periodic table!

These lil' owls were a hit at Pipit WM! Seriously everyone just could not resist their googly eyes and chirpy demeamour! Nat's a lovely girl who was my neighbouring booth. She handmakes big and small owls on Dreamie Nuttie. My lil' owl now hangs from my Longchamp LePliage. Cutes!

I missed By Yisin at Pipit WM and totally lost out on this brilliant musicbox 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'.

Will be waiting for the remake. Yisin makes lovely children storybooks as well. How can you not like her stuff??

I made a couple of new friends from my markets. Jacqueline makes dreamy purses and cosies on So Cute It Hurts! Check out her lovely Reimy Bib purses... super cutes!!

I'm currently awaiting my Leica M inspired Camera Cosy in baby pink. Jacqueline has been so sweet enough to remake it in my favourite colour! She should be done in a couple of weeks time for payment. Loves...

Need to get my hands on some Niji Hanko handcarved rubber stamps especially the lettering ones! Imagine all the wonderful greetings I'd be able to make with them :) Will be awaiting for it to hit the shelves of Pipit Zakka Store soon!

Handmade booties?? Waaargh! Now I wanna have babies so I can dress them up in Hoyoyi handmade bibs and booties! Did I hear myself correctly?? Anyhooters I'm in the middle of purchasing a customized adult bootie from Hoyoyi 'cos me got small legs (a shocker cosidering the size of my girth!). Will show it to the world when they're done..

And to end this post may I present you the quirky world of Zuat! It's as if the creatures of The Never Ending Story came to life. I don't care if you think it's highly bizarre but I think the claw-feet pink bunny is brilliant and will be collecting her soon to be exhibited at home. Super!

If you've done an entry on your market haul, do leave the address at my comments section so I can blog-hop over to your universe and ogle at your prizes! Weee!!


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet shelby, you are sooo adorable and pretty! :) There was so much to see and do at pipit WM and i was just lost with words to see and meet all the wonderful talented artists locally (including YOU)...how cool is that! Such a beautiful write up and i just everything! Love to yoU!

shelbybaby said...

jacqueline: babydoll YOU are so adorable and pretty and before we start soppily gushing about each other i'd like to tell you that i oughta have hung out at your booth a lil' more too 'cos honeybunch you're amazingly talented. i'm so glad to be at pipit WM for the same reason. love back!!

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