Saturday, May 28, 2011

gordon ramsay in malaysia

Rolling. On. The. Floor. Laughing. My. Ass. Off.

Friday, May 20, 2011

random shrandom

This was an almost-perfect paella at My Chef Diary until the soggy risotto. Likes the dessert there though!

During the Pulapol hullabaloo all of us at the Wilayah government clinic took turns to examine the quarantined. How bizarre that I would've bumped into a bootcamp mate (yet again!)? Goes to show that we live in a truly small, small world!

Me and boss sweating it out in full gear! It's sauna in a suit y'all..!

A view not many would be priviledged to witness. Me felt like a VIP what with the popo allowing us to wander about where no other man has gone before ;)

They had a freakin' comfy mess siut! Our doctor quarters back in the hospital absolutely pales in comparison. I had to share a room as a houseman... and they get their own living room!

Lazy day calls for unearthing old Krabi supplies and slurping on collagen orchid juice!

After my disastrous stint at the hairdressers, all that was left was a nest of brittle strands. I had to work it back to strength... so I whipped a hair mask choc-full of keratin-friendly goodies. It does make your hair kinda stiff after but fast-forward 2 to 3 washes later, I felt like my locks were fortified with The Great Wall! Would have wanted to do it every week if it wasn't such a b*tch to clean up after..

Sophiekins bought the family some Salzburger Mozartkugel from her trip to Austria. We each had a pack and it's not as if I was gonna weasel more OKAYYY?? :P

Bank Rakyat sent a marzipan cake to our clinic on Nurse's Day. How sweet!

When Dddy heard it was Nurse's Day, he immediately dashed to KFC and bought my lovely nurses some fried chicken. He's a darling, non? Either that or he may have had a nurse crush back in the hey-days which explains him being an eager beaver ;)

The girls posing with the cake! We don't get appreciative gifts often in the clinic and I'm so glad that someone showed some love that day.

Our clinic Sister being all sister-ly and instructing everyone to chew slowly upon contact with poultry.


We recycled the marzipan greet on a cake the next day. The tongue spatula titi (small bridge) was my idea... so MacGuyver right??

The whole clinic digging in!

Baby Anabel's a month old! And here we are at her Full Moon luncheon :)

I ♥ Full Moon snack boxes!! Red eggs and angku makes me feel all fuzzy and loved inside... don't y'all feel the same way??

Aaargh.. geram..!! :)

Cows in Kota Damansara?? Now that's a moo-stery (wahaha see me crack that joke??) !!

Miss YinYin hosted her hen's night dinner at My Cookbook. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure what the theme colour is...

I have the same Ghost by Phillipe Starck chair! 'Cos we got it from the same place.. heh :P

My order: Sang har wattanhor... whoah check out my Canton! Fierce not??

Me likes their O-Chien. Their oyster morsels are gigantic and yumsss..

We were racing to the car. Dragging our respective balloons. In heels. And short skimpy dresses.

The girls made a wish and sent their hopes into the sky. Hopefully someone out there's listening and that it doesn't end up choking a turtle.

Having a sunshine Sunday at Honeymoon Dessert!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

who are you?

Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It’s not about being human. It’s not your name. It’s not about gender.

Who are you?

It’s not your marital status. It’s not about being a parent. It’s not your race.

Who are you?

Essentially when you peel away layers of pretence and conformity, what’s left?

Is it beautiful... or ugly? Is it alone... or loved?

I thought about this question hard. Who am I? Do people know me? If I found out who I was would I like me? Am I fair to myself? Am I my own cheerleader? Do I nudge myself to grow or do I allow myself to rot in self-pity?

A couple of close friends of mine broke up recently. Single again at 30. Some of you may think: OMG tragic! I think: better that than an unhappy marriage! If the relationship ain’t working why keep giving it chances? Why waste moments of your precious life being unhappy when you can actually be... happy? *click*

When, therefore, someone purports to do so and says the words we so long to hear, it is not surprising that we might choose to ignore incongruent behaviours. When I hear someone say, “He does inconsiderate things, but I know he loves me,” I usually ask if it is possible to intentionally hurt someone we love. Would we do such a thing to ourselves? Can we love the truck that runs us over?

... Gordon Livingston ...

Everything boils down to how well do you know yourself. ‘Cos if you don’t know yourself than how would you know what you want? And if you don’t know what you want then how would you know how to get it etc etc etc. So.. Stop coddling yourself! Stop feeling sorry... stop making excuses... stop whining and most of all stop trying feebly. If you want to try TRY HARD. If you want to look for yourself LOOK HARD. If you want to love yourself LOVE HARD.

I’m sorry. I’m just pissed with people who think being single is the most pathetic thing in life. IT IS NOT! It’s your precursor to a relationship.. so how can you have a fabulous couple life if you didn’t have a fantastic time being single?

Think about it.

Who are you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

pocc bff pink party

Ever since POCC's BFF Get-together and launch and becoming a Blogger Ambassador I had been waiting in anticipation for the PINK Party! What delighted me even more was when I was invited to participate in their Fashion Walk with the other ambassadors. It's probably gonna be my first and last opportunity to be a model so I did not even blink an eye of hesitation. I IMMEDIATELY SAID YES! It's not everyday that a FATTY like me would be invited to do strut down the catwalk.

moi: Guess what Dddy??
Dddy: What?
moi: I was invited to do be a runway model! *chirpy*
Dddy: *LOL for what seems like the longest time*
Dddy: *clearing throat* Do they know you're FAT?

moi: Yes-lah! I already told them.. cheh!
Dddy: Just checking..
moi: :P

Totally UNFUNNY..!

As I drove over to Zouk for rehearsal in the afternoon I tried to recall every single pointer Miss J had ever uttered on ANTM. But then again a fierce walk isn't altogether that important if you compare it to FALLING D O W N..!! Now that's a cause for worry :I

Hair and make-up by Anna Sui. The make-up artist tried to tone down my chubby cheeks by piling on the shading. Don't think so it was of much help... I ended up looking like a really tanned char-siew pau :P

Chaos behind-the-scenes.

Lots and lots of make-up on the table and on my face!

The beyoootiful Blogger Ambassadors back stage: Miss Cindy of Cin City, moi of Shelbybaby *bisou*, Miss Traclyn of La Vogue Femme, Miss Sara of Fashion Online and Miss Sue Lynn of Bangsar Babe.

Miss Cindy and Miss Sue Lynn and moi are wearing Mell Basics and Nose Shoes while Miss Sara and Miss Traclyn are wearing Reebok.

I told Miss Genevieve, also a POCC Ambassador, that I am in absolute awe of her sheer determination in the battle against cervical cancer. As a medical personnel it joys me to see someone come victorious out of this seemingly laborious war. She then proceeded to give me runway tips and how to hold my bag :D As I watched her strut on stage I took like a gazillion mental notes!

"She found out she had cer­vical cancer when she went for her annual pap smear two years ago at the age of 35. Sambhi did not drink or smoke and led a healthy lifestyle but as she aptly put it, 'cancer does not discrimi­nate'."

Hah. What have I told y'all time and time again (like *here*) about getting your pap smears??

These hot mamas were the act after us. They were gonna do the margherita! How is it that I have a 40 year-old body and the 40 year-old mine??

Wahlau suddenly it's my turn *gulp* 'cos they're calling my name and reading my brief biodata and everyone's LOOKING AT ME and TAKING FREAKING PICTURES!! I was terrified at first but when the moment rolled in all I thought was, "So this is what the fuss is all about. Hours of make-up and hair, then waiting and more waiting and even more waiting and then BOOM sashay sashay chante finish!" FUNNNN!! :)

At this exact moment I took a mental picture of us, well ME really, on stage and stored it well in my memory treasure chest 'cos this my dearies may NOT happen again. I'm no Beth Ditto and I'm not friends with Jean Paul so this is the closest I'll ever get to Paris Fashion Week.

Just before I left I bid goodbye to the 2 pillars of POCC: Dr Saun and Miss Genevieve.

Dress: Zara

The girls came to offer support!

I'm ecstatic that we're all dressed in pink!!

(Anyone got a physical copy?? I've been searching and high and low but to no avail..)

To celebrate my catwalk debut I'm giving away the Nose strappy wedges I wore down the runway (that they let me keep.. thanks so much Nose!!).
It's hardly scuffed and still smells of new leather.
Also it's worth RM75.90!!
This is a size 6 / EUR37.

Follow this blog *click here* and be the first to email me at with the header:
I have POWER Over Cervical Cancer!
and I'll ship it right over to you!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

safilo fall / winter 2011 media preview

2 weeks ago I was invited to attend Safilo's Fall / Winter Preview at G Tower. I actually took leave for this 'cos it was in the middle of a working week during peak working hours. Besides my day job doesn't allow me to pop out for awhile and back :P It was nice to be asked and the least I could do was show up and have a good time!

Wikipedia: Safilo Group is the world's second-largest eyewear company that designs, produces and distributes prescription frames, sunglasses and sports eyewear under its own five “House” brands and about thirty licensed brands. The company also creates eyewear under license for designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent just to name afew.

How cool is the location??

I was greeted by Safilo's staff and person in charge (holla Georgiana!) and given a brief low-down on the event. She then left me to wander in my own pace. I could try on anything I want! It felt like playing dress up with mom's clothes except now it's with Safilo's shades..

I started with Balenciaga!

This is my favourite Balenciaga. I'm Harriet Potter... Accio!

OooOoh I like this one too... spacey!

Moving on to Boss Orange. According to Hugo Boss (on Facebook), Orange is the new cool :D

I can hardly find geek frames that sit nicely on my cheeks. It actually structures my FAT face.. sharpening its features :)

I find this pretty fun. Seriously.

I could never pull aviators off but Boss' chunky lenses makes me look quite abit of cool. Top Gun y'all! *cue Berlin*

Up next, Marc Jacobs.

I've noticed that Fall / Winter leaned towards horn-rimmed glasses and aviators. A 60s or 70s comeback perhaps??

Giles Deacon isdatchu?? I'm lovin' this MJ piece de resistance!

The Little Miss Marcs light up what used to be just rims (snore to just rims).

Who's turn now? Why Valentino of course..!

I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS PIECE! I ♥ ♥ ♥ it!! It's exquisite... c'est fantastique :) Would love to make it mine..

Shoes: Cotton On

Blouse: Gallo
Tank top: Mango
Shoes: Cotton On
Last but not least: Armani Exchange.

They too make killer aviators...

... but this sure is a conversational piece! Like!

The snack spread was yummilicious! Nobody seemed to be eating. Perhaps that is how people in the fashion industry behave. I'd like to think I too belong in the fashion industry but when it comes to mini-burgers and baby quiches, I'm all for the ATTACK!

Sampling everything on the tray and looking like an absolute glut. The food was brilliant..!

The Fall / Winter line will be available in all the leading optometrists.

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