Tuesday, April 05, 2011

krabi ain't crabby

Things have improved in the paragraph department but the inaccessible 'older entries' link is still mystery. Blogger disaster!

Anyhooters, like I said before, I went to Krabi!! With the girls of course :) Married cannot have fun meh?? I believe otherwise...!

15 minutes prior to landing baru Miss ChewChew decides that she badly wants a Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser!

We got a free upgrade to a poolside room! How awesome is that??

We stayed in The Small. Got the deal off Airasia Go. It's a pretty lovely place innit?

As you slide the patio door open, it reveals a wonderfully enchanting deck with a garden table + chair by the pool. Flanking is a stone bench and with a magic flick of a switch = jacuzzi!

We immediately got to exploring. First stop: little frock stalls!

Turns out our hotel is on one end of Ao Nang and it was a long walk pass thousands of little shops before we came to the mid-point: Ao Nang beach. Not a spot to swim in but picturesque nonetheless. Tons of boats here if you ever need one..

After awhile we got tired of being curious and retired to our lil' heaven by the waters ;) Actually it was just an excuse to explore the pool! I mean it's not everyday that you can open your backdoor and step into chlorinated wonderland! *psst*... can you tell I'm trying to look like a water nymph?

I don't know about you but something 'bout frangipanis floating in water makes my aura scream in delight.

Retro sailor bikini: Fables by Barrie

The girls peek over!

They decided to join us for an evening snack. Instant noodle water delivery!

Tomyam toast..

"To stay
On a holiday
Far away.
Let's go today
In a Heartbeat!"

167 MOO 3 
Tambon Aonang Amphur Muang
Krabi 81000
Tel: +66 (0)75-661-590-2

Dinner was crazy yumsters! The shack was a stone's throw away from our hotel and served up fresh clams and a killer tomyam goong!

Umm.. inappropriate much?

Take-away cocktail?? Love this island! 1 Mojito to go.. go easy on the mint leaves.

Miss ChongChong pointed out their sneaky illusion: they display the kick-ass alcohol upfront but use their el cheapo locally brewed who-knows-what instead!

Their tuk-tuk seats 4. How cool is that??

The next morning we went island-hopping!

Patchwork cropped tee: Trendy Confessions

*waiting to board the boat*

Easter Island?

Bamboo Island. Lovely!

Yalor pudgy already so had to give itsy-bitsy bikinis a pass and opt for one-pieces instead. I'm super into retro swimsuits lately!

Retro tuxedo swimsuit: 
Fables by Barrie

Babydolls, don't forget to pack your motion-sickness pills 'cos rides on speedboats are rough! And the best spot for least impact would be the corners of the stern. I almost hurled my entire gastric content when I was seated in the middle... things improved tremendously when I moved back and turned my iPod up abit. :~

Recognize this??
It would be hypocritical of me to diss the crowd ruining it for the rest of us but seriously the crowd was quite off-putting. Not the ambience you'd expect out of The Beach. Still it was very much surreal standing in the same location Leo Di Caprio once stood 10 years back. Minus the tanned European and loud China-mari, this cove is superb!

Remind me never to slap on zinc oxide.. now I resemble a Breeze laundry. Oh and everyone loved my tuxedo swimsuit!

I told you Hello Kitty should be the next WHO ambassador. She's everywhere. And check out that bell!

Miss ChongChong claims that most of the massage services in Krabi are pretty sleazy so beware. My parents concurs that statement. This is one of the better ones.

Us after an aloe vera massage: geli but serene nonetheless.

My favourite shop! They had the best selection of bikinis and beach-covers. I literally stalked this place 4 times before agreeing to a purchase. I actually got quite a good bargain from the girl (who was adamant about the price on my first visit) in the end... or maybe she finally gotten sick of me begging ;)

Fighting for kaki jalan stall noodles!

Pad Thai is crazy yummy!!

Siamese lok-lok without the boiling water.

I also love their jumbo / supersized cultured milk drink!

We watched a B-grade horror movie that night and I ended up with a nightmare!! :O

Pork for dessert?? Only in Krabi can it be...

Lately I've turned into a Trendy Confessions geek! I'm so obsessed with their sh*t these days... someone stop me!

I messed the schedule up and we arrived at the airport AN HOUR too early XO Our very last massage turned out to be the best one of all... I had a damn great foot massage... *sigh* this is what I'm gonna miss 'bout Krabi.

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IuhniX said...

nice hotel room!

shelbybaby said...

luhniX: innit?!! the photos totally do not do it justice... perhaps a wee bit too modernism considering we're on an island but i found it to be comforting and pleasant! u h.a.v.e. to go :)

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