Thursday, April 07, 2011

have you pledged?

Just a regular day in the clinic awaiting my umpteenth patient to come through the door when my nurse hands me the card. I figured it must be a GP referral with regards to the attached piece of paper to the patient’s history card.

It wasn’t. It was a lady’s pap smear results.

As I unfolded the paper I gulped.

I hate this part about my job.

She comes in looking unaware. She must think it’s just one of those routine visits. Or that maybe she has a fungal infection and I need to prescribe her a vaginal pessary.

I go through the smear results with her... I inform her that there are abnormalities in her vaginal epithelial cells. She turns pale. I ask her if there is any history of malignancy in her family. She declines meekly. Her eyes start to swell. I can tell she is searching for questions to ask me but she didn’t know what or how. I explained to her that she needs to see a gynaecologist and I will refer her stat. I also proceeded to inform her that we’re fortunate to catch it now and immediate investigation + action can be performed upon this matter. She continues to be silent. I told her now is not the time to lose hope. Let us hope we’ve detected it in its initial stage. She nods in agreement. I reach out to her arm and give it a squeeze. A tear runs down her cheek.

As she walked out the door, I thought to myself, “Thank goodness she did a pap smear. This could have been anyone... my family, my friends, my neighbour...”

Now tell me, have you pledged?

On a lighter note, new pledgers will receive a giveaway of a free retail sized Physiogel AI Sun Cream worth RM66.90!

Signing off as your POCC ambassador, your (hopefully favourite) blogger, your friend...

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