Monday, April 18, 2011

the big 3-0!

I was so caught up in the rat-race I almost forgot about my own birthday! This year has been mental (the good sorta mental) and I can't believe we're into the second quarter already 'cos SO MUCH has happened! I thought I was just recovering from one bazaar, when a couple of blinks later I was due for another! Hence my ability to not remember my own birthday... or perhaps I did that on purpose because I just couldn't bring myself to acknowledge that I am... finally... 30 *gulp* Yeah no more being 25 for the 27th time etc... I'm 30 and now I don't care if the world knows it!

I wasn't really keen to go out 'cos 'twas a working week and I was this close to keeling over with fatigue but I figured a dinner out wouldn't quite hurt. So I chose to have my milestone meal at The Hill 'cos it was the most grown-up selection. So matured hor?

Oh and I totally f*cked up my new year resolution to cease my alcohol intake entirely. I ponteng-ed during my mate's ROM and once in the middle of March when things just got too outta hand in the stress department. To make matters worse, I chose a drinking hole as the venue of my birthday. Apa lagi... first drink...

... was the watermelon slush! here's to drinking my heart out ;D

Here's their Coco Nutz and Milo Ais cocktail. The latter is crazy yummms but I still prefer the Watermelon Slush!

A drunken mess! Nay, but don't you just love post-makan chaos?

Probably the only decent group shot. I think the waiter must be drunk 'cos all the other photos are of us staring into space or looking like mooses.

The table behind heard it was the old lady's birthday and bought her a Flaming Lamborghini. Mega fun!

What did I tell you about the waiter's crappy shots?? I look like I've been constipated for 3 days.

Dress: Zara

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
Tel: 016-2291505


June said...

happy bday shelby =)

shelbybaby said...

june: thx so much for d warm wish!! I feel so LOVED now :) you have yourself a rainbow weekend alright babydoll!

Salameander said...

Hey, happy belated birthday Shelby! Looks like you had a terrific time celebrating your turning 30. :D Looking forward to seeing you at the next craft market.

shelbybaby said...

salameander: and a happy belated bday to you too michelle!! :) heard you had a fabulous time too... abientot (will definitely see you soon)!

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