Friday, April 22, 2011

anthem of the day: your love (3 forever x 121)

"You got spark, you, you got spunk!"

Are these girls the cutest or wazzz?? Watching her go for it on the uke reminds me that I oughta learn how to play my own!

"Find me in the dark
I'll be in the stars
Find me in your heart
I'm in need of your love..."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a belated birthday afternoon, cute shop: eco oasis + poco homemade + pipit zakka store

I was away on a medical seminar at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson. It can get lethargic going through work 5 days a week followed by yet more talks of work through the weekend. So it doesn't take a genius that come Sunday afternoon (when the seminar FINALLY ends) that I give myself a treat to a fun birthday afternoon. Guy was away so I went gallavanting painting the town pink!

First stop was Eco Oasis, this new organic cafe in town. Well perhaps it's not that NEW new but I've only just heard of it so it's new to me.

I thought I'd give my body a break for once and feed it something really wholesome!

Everything on the menu seem to spell health! *gulp*

You must have a green smoothie when you're there. I had the Manana. I still chuckle to myself when I say it out loud.

I've always heard of quinoa being the next best superfood on earth and how the Mayans adore it and so forth. Thought I'd give that a try. It tastes like miniscule taugehs but odd nonetheless. Making it as a mango salad makes it much more interesting and yummy!

Eco Oasis
7, Jalan Riong (off Jalan Maarof)
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2284 2393

I'm head over heels with Poco Homemade, a shabby chic cafe that boasts home quality Jap food and zakka personality!

Don't you love tiffany blue against a white-washed door and window panes?? Oh and ferns. Oh and antique lamps.

Lots of handmade creations to be bought and loved. Such a nice touch to a quirky cafe!

This is quite a winner.. their tofu cheesecake!

Another delicious pair: molten chocolate lave with vanilla ice-cream. It's really, really lava-ish in the middle.

I called something along the lines of Cinderella and was pleasantly surprised.. it was lovelier that I imagined!

How cute is the receipt?? You can't help but be delighted to pay!

Poco Homemade
1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Last but not least I decided to pop by Pipit Zakka Store to have abit of a browse. I have wanted to visit for awhile now but I'm always a little too early or a little too late. This time I made sure the time was just right!

Pipit Zakka store houses works of the local creative and zakka community. You can find everything from photographs to accessories to dolls etc... It's just such a breath of fresh air to be in the company of goodies that have been handmade with love and not mass-produced in a lifeless factory!

Bought a Hello Kitty Lullatone CD. Met the owners: Mike & Ivery. They're such dearies! Mike gave me a complimentary old-school lollipop. I look a mess from travel *bleh!* :P

For those who know not what zakka is...


N.B. *bisou* bonbon will be available at the Pipit Zakka Store in the month of SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2011!! We can't wait... :)

Pipit Zakka Store (double-storey house opposite Poh Kong jeweller)
18, Jalan SS2/55,47300
Petaling Jaya

Business Hour:
Wed- Fri ~12pm-8pm
Sat & Sun ~ 12pm-6pm
Mon, Tue & Public Holiday ~ Closed

Monday, April 18, 2011

the big 3-0!

I was so caught up in the rat-race I almost forgot about my own birthday! This year has been mental (the good sorta mental) and I can't believe we're into the second quarter already 'cos SO MUCH has happened! I thought I was just recovering from one bazaar, when a couple of blinks later I was due for another! Hence my ability to not remember my own birthday... or perhaps I did that on purpose because I just couldn't bring myself to acknowledge that I am... finally... 30 *gulp* Yeah no more being 25 for the 27th time etc... I'm 30 and now I don't care if the world knows it!

I wasn't really keen to go out 'cos 'twas a working week and I was this close to keeling over with fatigue but I figured a dinner out wouldn't quite hurt. So I chose to have my milestone meal at The Hill 'cos it was the most grown-up selection. So matured hor?

Oh and I totally f*cked up my new year resolution to cease my alcohol intake entirely. I ponteng-ed during my mate's ROM and once in the middle of March when things just got too outta hand in the stress department. To make matters worse, I chose a drinking hole as the venue of my birthday. Apa lagi... first drink...

... was the watermelon slush! here's to drinking my heart out ;D

Here's their Coco Nutz and Milo Ais cocktail. The latter is crazy yummms but I still prefer the Watermelon Slush!

A drunken mess! Nay, but don't you just love post-makan chaos?

Probably the only decent group shot. I think the waiter must be drunk 'cos all the other photos are of us staring into space or looking like mooses.

The table behind heard it was the old lady's birthday and bought her a Flaming Lamborghini. Mega fun!

What did I tell you about the waiter's crappy shots?? I look like I've been constipated for 3 days.

Dress: Zara

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
Tel: 016-2291505

Friday, April 15, 2011

i wish i could sing like maddie jane

Don't forget to check out her cover of The Script's Breakeven (Falling To Pieces). It's a voice to be reckon with.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

crafty art market 3 anyone?

Oh... and pink birthday to me :) I'm 30!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

up up and away...

Things are chaotic lately what with a hit-and-run on my car, asses at the workplace and losing my Parker pen (I'm still convinced it was stolen!). I feel like I'm drowning in a mess of trouble and wish I could just sail away from all my problems like how Carl did.

Can't wait to say "SO LONG BOYS! PPBBBFFFTTT!!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

*bisou* bonbon got blair-ed!

Didn't you hear? Sereni + Shentel came to paint our lil' KL town BLAIR!! *giggle*

As y'all probably know I'm never one to turn down a soiree so when Saturday came, I kicked my stethoscopes (figuratively-lah... Littman's are to be handled with care unless your daddy mints moneayy!) aside, put on my Saturday best and shuffle-shuffled to M Store, Gardens MidValley...

Sereni and Shentel gettin' busy with faux stones and grosgrain ribbons! They're so pretty I just can't help but go all doe-eyed on them :)

Then there's moi (yeap the fatty in grapefruit Surprise) gettin' busy with faux stones and grosgrain ribbons!

This is Michelle. She came up to me to say hi and that she reads my blog! She turned up to get a custom Blair after reading about S+S on my site! I almost had a TIA... my first blog-reader hello :D I think I was more excited than she was! I was prancing in pride all over the shop... Aiya me C-list blogger mah, let me have my moment s'il vous plait!

You know how S+S use Vogue and Russh as their muse... this is my version of *bisou* bonbon-spiration!

For the life of me I cannot get over Sereni's taut biceps and how my flabby ones pales in comparison. How many curls must I do to achieve THAT??

This is *bisou* bonbon Blaired! Nice not?? Nice not??

Mmmy joined the bandwagon and got herself a custom Blair too. How awesome is hers?? Now I like hers more than mine... padahal I was the one who picked out the colours for her :P

Thought it wouldn't be fair if we didn't include Sophiekins. Hers turned out pretty cute too!

Headband: Sereni + Shentel
Dress: Bali
Camisole: Marks + Spencer

Group picture time! Holla :O

Not only did I have a fabulous Saturday, I discovered my favourite new drink!! I need to get me one of these contrapty coffee/tea machine! You should see the way Sofy popped the pellet in only to draw a lovely drink of...

... hot lemon tea! OMG this drink is so YUMMM *drool*

G241 Ground Level 
The Gardens 
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2282 0093

En route the valet, I stopped by Delectable (as I always do) to pick up a sugar cookie. They've got a new afternoon tea themed window display... sweet!

S-213, Level 2, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6012 508 1855

I was pretty peckish so we paused at Pastis Cafe for some fried button-mushrooms and strawberry pavlova.

Ayo their Virgin Mojito test tubes are so cute!

Pastis Cafe
KG-02, Ground Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Tel: +603 2288 1559

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