Tuesday, March 01, 2011

sweet surprises from sereni & shentel!

Recently I've been terribly obsessed with sereni + shentel!!

I especially love their lookbook which is sooo divine... I go through it (online) almost everyday. Yeah I'm a such geek *shhh*

In case you don't know who these lovely ladies are... Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee are the dynamic duo behind the Kuching-based handmade headbands. You know-lah me and my affinity for local lovelies. I can't help falling in love with their headbands, especially when they're accompanied by such amazing shots:

♥ My favourite ♥

Oooh they're so pretty and how I wish I have their craft room :$

But my ultimate favourite of the lot...

I was so thrilled that I got Miss KosKos one for her birthday too! It's uber fun, non??
Mine's Surprise Passion Fruit though secretly I want one in every colour :)

My gift notecard to her reads:
Here's a surprise! *giggle* Just a small reminder that everyday today is a gift... Befitting to wear a present in your hair. Lots of love ;)

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