Sunday, March 06, 2011

cityscapes: villa samadhi

Things were really crummy at work which called for a cityscape!

Turns out the place that I pre-booked eons ago was recently touched by a fairy ;) I was slightly concerned that the place would not live up to the expectation but after her review I sighed in relief. Also Miss BellaBella confirmed that Villa Samadhi was indeed heavenly which totally made me amped for the weekend!

You definitely don't expect this smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of KL. As we turned into the road beside the American Embassy we felt an uncanny sensation of tranquility. It's like accidentally tumbling into Bali amidst the concrete jungle... bewildering!

I did regret not going for the luxe crib which came with a whirlpool. But our room was amazing nonetheless. It was spacious with loadsa storage (though storage doesn't exactly top my list in terms of amenity necessity) and a large urbanly rustic bathroom which featured a massive rainshower...

... and 2 sinks! I quickly 'chup' the left one. Their disposable toothbrushes came wrapped in leaves.: nice!

We didn't know whether to get huffy at them for interrupting our make out session or feel pleasantly surprised that they brought us welcome fruits and jemput-jemput. We decided on the latter :)

We had dinner o'er at KLCC and came back to a room lit in candles! C'est romantique!

They made the beds when we were away and left a cute note along with chocolates at the edges of the quilt. So sweet hor?

I spent the night leafing through my Handmade Weddings book with the company of Bisou cupcakes and Villa Samadhi's complimentary TWG tea. Found new love in Nuwara Eliya tea.

Breakfast was so-so saja. I don't like how my sunny side-up turned out.

It's so bizarre to watch the fishes swim in such crystal clear water. They looked like they were dancing. The pond was my favourite part of the villa. I could hang out here forever!

Save the albino dugong jokes OK, sensitive issue-lah. I'm FAT.. what else is new?

Oh yeah. This is life.

I ♥ daybeds.

We didn't have a balcony but we had an indoor daybed by the window with curtains (I called 'The Love Cave') that spelled afternoon naps as the rain poured / reading trashy celebrity magazine while listening to my iPod playlist / cuddling and chasing cars around our heads.

This is what life is all about, don't you think?

Thumbs up:
- relaxing ambience
- pool daybed
- fish pond
- rainshower and spacious bathroom
- complimentary TWG tea

Thumbs down:
- breakfast

My Agoda review:
You definitely don't expect such tranquility smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of KL. Our room was very nice. Spacious with loadsa storage and a large urbanly rustic bathroom which featured a massive rainshower and 2 sinks! They did have a disclaimer note but the construction was quite annoying though I'm sure they tried to keep it down. The staff were kind and helpful. We had dinner o'er at KLCC and came back to a room lit in candles! Breakfast was alright though I didn't like how my sunny side-up turned out. The pond and pool daybeds were my favourite parts of the villa. I could hang out there forever!

Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: We drove there so we could go over to KLCC for meals and shopping effortlessly but we were told that transport could be arranged for us whenever we needed it to get to places close by which I found to be a great service.

Villa Samadhi
8 Jalan Madge
55000 Kuala lumpur
Tel: +603 2143 2300

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Kathlynn said...

looks like a wonderful place for a quick getaway minus the travelin fuss! :)

shelbybaby said...

kathlynn: it does, doesn't it?? especially great for romance rekindling for busy parents as they can always jet home pronto during emergencies and yet still hurry back to paradise! ;D

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