Monday, February 28, 2011

a valentine's rom

Remember when I spent Valentine's Day with much 'Passion' ;) ... Passion Road I mean! It was Miss YinYin's ROM and we all gathered on the day of love celebration to celebrate their love.

Passion Road is so darn dreamy! The only con is that it only fits a crowd of 110 but if you intend to have a petite wedding or soiree then this is parfait!

The newly-weds!


We were seated at Valentine. How rightly so...

Miss BellaBella got a wee bit emo... biasa-lah weddings and going-aways. Auntie was leaving to Adelaide for good and we were all gonna miss her to bits!

Yum! I ponteng-ed my 'Zero Alco 2011' that day and had some (actually ALOT of) bubbly! *sigh* Champagne... it's the bees knees :b

The groom plastered for the first time :r

Congratulations honeybunch!!

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