Monday, February 14, 2011

a hearty valentine's

The night before I received a popcorn invitation for a cosy night in *giggle* I accepted that invitation. It's nice to be asked out on a date on Valentine's Day (even if you're married... heck especially if you're married! Husbands take note :brow )

I woke up in the morning feeling fuzzy.. peachy fuzzy and reach out to snuggle with the husband. I linger on his side of the bed awhile before returning to my familiar corner. I'm a side-sleeper and always slide my left arm under the pillow "Ouch! WTF?" There burried under the sleepy mess lied raedunn's clay heart. It says 'Hold'. I hear him nuzzle over.. "Now that you've found my heart you'll have to hold it close to yours."

I take a long shower, throw on my Oysho bathrobe and run down the stairs to fetch myself a glass of Tropicana Twister. I took a quick look at the dining table and ROTFLMAO at the husband's meagre attempt at replicating Amy Osaba's centrepieces for Natalie & Nick. Love him for trying :r I ran to the kitchen to give him a hug "Ranunculus babe?? Where did you even find them in KL??"

He turns around and goes, "Green tea?" :L We toast to a merry morning and peck each other on the cheek.

I check my email and guess who sends me my first Valentine's e-card?? Well it doesn't take a genius :p I'm not corn-ed out at all. In fact I'm giddy in love! I wasn't the girl that received truckloadsa Valentines back in school so I guess Cupid's making up for loss time :D

I'm dressed in my Valentine's best (clockwise from L): Benjamin Eyewear's Nicole Acetate, Ban.Do shoeclips, Kate Spade Essex Scout, Cooperative dress by Urban Outfitters, Tiffany & Co earrings, MJ eau So Fresh, Anya Hindmarch Lips And Eyes cosmetics case, Hello Kitty bow necklace, Piers Atkinson cherry pillbox, MAC Wonder Woman lipstick in Marquise d'

After having some fishball noodles for brunch, we take a walk in the Butterfly Park munching on Su's Delectable sugar cookies *yum* looking for the Rajah Brooke.

I suddenly remember I haven't got heart shaped cookie cutters and grab my Anya Hindmarch LFW House of Intrigue canvas tote to carry my last minute supplies from Daiso.

I spend the late afternoon whipping up Martha Stewart heart-shaped soaps for my girls. A lil sugar for my sugars :k

Dinner was spent gawking at fluttering dreamy jellyfish at Le Midi as we sipped on French wine and munching on deliceux tapas. I look at hi staring anxiously at the menu and chuckle to myself. He looks cuter than ever tonight and I'm afraid it's got something to do with neon sea-creatures that resemble umbrella. Definitely sets the romance in the air, non? Ella ella ella eh eh eh..

We retired home holding hands and buzzed from the wine. I ran us a bath and sprinkled *bisou* bonbon Lavender bath salts to help melt the strain away. It smells heavenly... we splashed about for awhile before falling silent to soak in each other's presence. I feel the hegativity leave and the lurrve come in *sigh* :h

Dressed in our most comfy (me: Cotton On tank, Stella McCartney for Adidas running shorts, him: Marks & Spencers boxers), we flip National Geographic on watching How The Earth Was Made while tucking into a heart cake. I'd offer you a piece of my heart but we finished the damn thing in 10 minutes! :P

Here's to a hearty Valentine's y'all!

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