Sunday, February 06, 2011

disastrous do

I have been gatal to restyle my hair for awhile now but never found the time. When CNY approached, I decided to scratch that itch and give myself a Korean makeover which I heard is the ultimate rave nowadays. Gone are the Guys and Jap mane movement, now’s all about Bulgogi bobs and Kimchi curls! I Yahoo-ed for awhile and found a forum actively discussing ‘bout this salon called Min International Hair Studio. The dude, Min, is supposed to be some sorta hair maestro. His senior hairstylist is this fella called Jay who’s won some kinda hair award for colouring blabla. I was pretty impressed by the positive reviews and thought, heck it I’ll spend half my pay if it’s gonna be a haircut that would change my life.

This was what I initially had in mind.

Something so different from what I have... a cute popping colour on a rebonded hair and a gentle wisps of fringe to give it an extra POW! They had a 20% discount for first-timers that month but it wasn’t valid for Min. Contrary to belief, government doctors do NOT earn alot. In fact a successful medical salesperson earns much more than me!! Trust me, I sure as hell did not know this when I was in medical school. So parting with a lump sum of kachingkos only to settle the hair department to you would sound frivolous.. but to me, it’s an investment if it’s a good one. You can’t put a price tag to compliments and self-confidence! Sorry, digressed abit... In the end I arranged for the next best thing, their senior stylist Jay. I figured the quality of work shouldn’t be too different and the 20% discount will be very helpful what with the influx of CNY expenses.

I arrived with a printout of the style I desired and waited in anticipation. He took a look at my print out and claimed that bangs weren’t suitable for me as I had a narrow forehead. Fine. I told him to just go ahead with the soft rebonding then. I personally adore rebonding. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! It’s neat, fuss-free and always a style that’s ready to go from work to party! He then gave me a look and claimed that rebonding is so boring and that I should try to inject some waves into my hair to give it more personality. He gave me a lookbook filled with kawaii jap models and their kawaii hair. I didn’t want a strong perm as it’s just too difficult to maintain so he said something along the lines of giving me some light waves that would give the illusion of volume yet appeared interesting. I was slightly apprehensive as I already have natural waves in my hair. Why the hell do I need to artificially create something I originally have?? Then he fluffs my hair about and goes, “Oh this one.. you natural curls cannot use-lah. If I perm on it will go this way and that way.. very messy. Must rebond first and then only perm.” I was,like, huh?? Double whammy to my hair?? Do note I just came from EXTREMELY DAMAGED hair during the post-hair extensions era and it took me more than half a year of self-constraint to not do anything to my hair and nurture it back to its half-life. But he looked so sure of himself that he was gonna create this masterpiece that I relented. At colour, he opted for a darker shade of brown (that looks almost like black) with the excuse of my white hair. He claims that white hair is unable to absorb other sorts of shades well. In the end, the style turned out to be the opposite side of the spectrum from what I desired. The bill came to nearly RM700 (after discount!!!). What irked me what that at payment, he lightly informed me that the style would not be able to last long as it’s just a light perm. I just paid that money for something that was gonna last only a month?? Somehow or rather what I saw in the mirror didn’t make my jaw drop or heart flutter. I was just, like, hmm. A sadder octave of hmm since it was so f*cking expensive. I figured I’d give it a chance since it hasn’t gone through its first wash. Post-first wash and it looks even more pathetic than it did fresh off the salon.

I lodged a complaint on their Facebook account. They issued an apology and offered a complimentary rebond. But how could I rebond my hair AGAIN when it just got rebonded+digitally permed?? F*ck.

They were closed for CNY and I was unavailable prior. I still have not rescheduled that rebond... part of me wish to just ignore it but I guess somehow or rather I gotta do something. Either I get the second rebond and risk damaging my hair further (which means AGAIN extra effort into reviving rambut rosak etc) or nothing at all (and let the hair rest). Nothing is also something.

*sigh* Dunno-lah.

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