Monday, January 10, 2011

paris je'taime: jour 03

It's my version of a pefect Parisien morning to wake up to remains of rose wine, Evian and orange juice waiting on my windowsill.

I once watched a YouTube clip on this dude who did a macaroon smackdown between McDonald's and other more established mac makers (pun intended) putting snobbish Parisiens to the test especially when they claim they know their macaroons. Note to all: McDonald's macaroons were quite frowned upon by the French who believe bourgeois should always remain bourgeois.
Many of them failed the taste test, claiming McDonald's macaroons to be Laduree or Pierre Herme! I've always wondered if this was true. Turns out it is not (what's wrong with those people?? Get a tongue!) as there is a very DISTINCT difference between the macaroons. McDonald's macaroons were disappointing to say the least.

Need I explain this place?

There is a very special pizza place off Canal St Martin called...

Pink Flamingo Pizza!!

The place is filled with, well, tons of pink flamingos(!!) to say the least.
Lovin' the pink pizza boxes. I'd have their pizza everyday just to be served in such snazzy packaging :)

Would you like a Gandhi, Bjork or Cantona today??

The reason why I had to have pizza here is 'cos part of their charm lies in the delightful balloon delivery! That and the oh-so-very-cute flirty Frenchie that owns the place (don't tell my husband ahah!).

You order a pizza, they give you a pink balloon, you walk to the bank of the canal... hang out... watch life go by, they come looking for your balloon on their bicycle and voila! Delivery is made :)

I cannot get over how genius this idea is.

Behold the Almovodar! It's a paella version of a pizza. The parentals love paella so I thought this would be a safe choice. It's sumptious as hell!

Turns out, we didn't wander far 'cos of the chill ;D

Pink Flamingo Pizza
67, Rue Bichat
Paris 10 arr
Tel: 01 42 02 31 70

Me likes!

One of my favourite corners in Paris!
It houses unique exclusive collabs that are not available elsewhere.

If you can't afford anything in the store, you can always pick up a Colette Pochette Surprise for EUR25 :b I bought one for Sophiekins as an X'mas gift. Still waiting for her to tell me what lies inside. I tried shaking it abit but cannot for the life of me interpret what it could be.

213 rue Saint-Honore
75001 Paris

There's an exquisite lil' bakery that y'all have to take a look-see.

It's, like, an old curiosity shop filled with scientific pastry experiments!

Love the glass domes!

Their piece de resistance!

Their vanilla buns are supposedly to-die-for. I find it just alright though. Still, the shop's worth a visit :)

La Patisserie des Reves
93 Rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Tel: +33 01 42 84 00 82

Is it obvious that I'm addicted to Beaujolais Nouveau? :$

Oooh French cuisine how I miss you now... yea I'm talking 'bout you yummy buttery escargots!

And you salade de la mer!

You too gratinee!

Do not leave Paris without visiting this hidden little gem of a shop!

A taxidermy that houses a myriad of once living animals, birds and insects. It is too cool to be true!

The closest I'll ever get to an alligator.

Dddy was contemplating to bring home a new furniture / pet..

46 rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 42 22 30 07

This is where things get spicy...

... and sleazy :brow

Guy would defo like this ;)

And ladies and gentlemen is Moulin Rouge!

Another thing I'm so gonna miss about Paris: their oh-so-very-convenient Metro :I

Wee tip: Some metro trains in Paris don't open automatically. They have this lil' latches that you have to swing to the side in order to open the door. I tell you this 'cos we almost miss some stops as the parentals didn't know the exits had to be open manually *giggle*

Le Saint-Honore from La Patisserie des Reves. The cream is hell yum!

Jumbo matchsticks from Le Prince Jardinier of Deyrolle I bought for Ah Choy's belated birthday :D Let's hope his favourite book was The Matchstick Girl...

A Classy candle from Colette. Smells of musk and sizzle.

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