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paris je'taime: jour 03 versailles

I have never visited Versailles.

I have always wondered how it is inside that place especially after watching Kirsten Dunst prance down the halls of the Chateau in Marie Antoinette. When I found out that Murakami went and put up his kawaii sculptures all over the Grand Apartment, I knew it was now or never! Murakami-Versailles here we go!

We rose early as it's approximately an hour journey to Versailles. The Parisian Metro-RER system makes the journey there almost too simple to be true. Just make sure you take the RER of which end destination is Versailles and not some other stops before. Upon arrival, you'll find alot of signs directing you to the chateau. Don't understand french? Just follow the crowd...!

Dddy wished he bought the GorillaPod too!

The ticket counter is on the building on the right (not where the scan machines are 'cos that's the entrance instead). It's white and elegant.. oh and here's a heads up: toilet's the cleanest here.

'To All The Glories Of France'. Few words that say it best.

The blood that built this palace.

The lady that built this reputation.

I took this picture for my parents and impressed a Spanish couple behind. They asked for me to help them snap the same so I positioned them nicely and took an equally good picture. They replayed the shot and went "Wow!". For the next shot, they couldn't find me and found my father instead. He took it with his admirable focus technique and hoped he did well. They replayed the shot and went silent. They didn't ask him again :D

This dude's quite self-absorbed. There are TONS of portraits of him sprawled around the gallery.

As I stare out the window in the jardin, I remember one of my favourite articles in Metropolitan (Eurostar inhouse magazine) which features the head gardener of Versailles. His job sounds like a fairytale.

"Every evening, after the last visitor as left the Palace of Versailles, one man has the privilege of enjoying the Sun King's vase and beauteous estates to himself alone. Emerging from his home in the heart of the gardens, Alain Baraton walks his German shepherd Pym among theg rand avenues and geometric flower beds, the woodlands and waterways, the fountains and statues, which make Versailles one of the wonders of the horticultural world."

The the magic began! I know I know for you controversial-lovin' haters who ask if Versailles is a proper venue for Murakami's work, feast your eyes on this:

or exclaim his art to be pornography:

There were a busful of highschool children on an art excursion here with papers filled with art questions and sketching opportunities. So cool. Wish I went to a Parisian highschool.

Love how regal the queen's chamber is. She even built heightened partitions so her children won't simply lari lintang-pukang. Smart!

This is my favourite piece: The Emperor's New Clothes.

I think it's perfect for the Coronation Room where the original 'Coronation of Napoleon and Princess Josephine' lies. The copy is in Louvre.

If I had this, I'd wake up a happy woman everyday.

I love this room. I love the wall, I love the lights, I love the carpet. I love everything about it!

This costs EUR $3300. This also costed me a piece of huffy no-photography lecture from the Jap lady that guard-dogs the souvenir shop *sigh* I seem to get frowned upon for clicking pictures in Paris!

Little Bonapartes anyone?

Laduree souvenir shops in Versailles? Perfectionner terminer! And boy do they smell divine...

Murakami-Versailles (14 Sep - 12 Dec 2010)
Ch√Ęteau de Versailles
Place d’Armes
Tel: 08 91 36 20 20

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