Wednesday, January 12, 2011

last christmas...

So what did y'all do for Christmas and New Year's Eve last year??

This is long overdue. I hope everyone had a smashing Xmas and an unforgettable 2011 countdown.

I had the urban kin over for a cosy Christmas dinner. Everyone was in charge to bring something to the table to ease my hostess burden *phew*. I tried my level best with the lack of time and effort to kick in the Christmas decor.

So whadya think?? Excuse the Phuket Fantasea souvenirs: Iyara Iyaree *wink*. What we lack is a PINK fat Xmas tree that I heard Katy Perry had this year and everything would've be perfect! Check out our gift stacks. Every Christmas we give each other gifts that cost below RM50. It's merrier to have loadsa small gifts than just one big one! And yes, those are my moonboots on the left :mj

This is my dining table. Placed a candy cane cloth over the current tablecloth to supplement the festive mood. Like my dandelion-inspired IKEA light? Lovely to look at but a b*tch to assemble.

G*ddd I look like a school bus driver auntie. And yeah the boobs come with the obesity so it's not a win-win situation ladies. Like my paper plate angel place cards??

I popped my Laurent-Perrier rose champagne to commemorate the warm, fuzzy occasion. I was going to halt alcohol effective 2012 so I was gonna make every drop in 2011 count ;)

Almost every year our family have Christmas Eve dinner together. This year we celebrated the holiday meal at twenty one over at BSC. I've never actually been up BSC's 3rd Floor so it was rather exciting riding the elevator up and discovering that we'd be dining with a view.

Doesn't Mmmy look ravishing in her Lanvin??

The appetizer was my favourite! It's umm... a pumpkin risotto?? It was so yummy!

And the best thing about this place is their Happy Hour Buy 1 Free 1 cocktail menu!! ♥ ♥ I managed to squeeze a last call of 2 Cosmos for the price of 1 :)

twenty one
T1, 3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 22870021

For New Year's Eve, I decided to take advantage of IKANO's wonderful fireworks display so we did a BBQ camp at my place! Weee!!

It was real funny having a BBQ beside a mamak. I suppose if we ran out of food we could always holler over and order some satay!

Ah Pook getting the grill going! Talking 'bout the grill, we got so busy that we put off buying it until the day before. Turns out they were sold out everywhere!! Thank goodness Guy managed to grab the last one at Carrefour. Man was everyone having a chargrilled NYE this year??

Yeah continue oggling at Ah Yong's triumphant Coleman windowed tent *hmmph* It was a lil' juvenile silly to be camping in the middle of a concrete jungle but hey I guess this is Camping Version 2.0 (Millenium edition hah)!

We played Taboo until midnight and gathered on the street to watch sparks dance and fly in the sky! I played 'Fireworks' in my mind, leaned on my husband and watched the friends I love gallavanting around my street. This is what New Year's Eve is all about.

It is also what life is all about. I hope you all made wonderful memories last year. And here's to a more fascinating 2011 *clink*


Dory said...

hey.. your new theme is so cute! love it!

shelbybaby said...

dory: hiya babydoll! thx... it is isn't it?? it's by this web genius called rahul anand. you can see his website just before this page loads.

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