Sunday, January 30, 2011

it isn't just food that brings people together...

...but weddings too! It's been awhile since the ex-BCC (Bandung Cafe Chicks we called ourselves.. *sigh* oh youth and ignorance, how I miss you both) had an excuse to get together for a laugh. F*ck I look as bloated as a Michelin Man who had 20 glazed doughnuts too many.

Aww... our baby girl's getting married :D

The theme is Moroccan with a deep purple palatte. I wore my Morrocan-looking kaftan... all that was missing are those genie Marrakesh shoes!

A second on your lips but forever on your hips! xP

Hantaran! My favourite part of the wedding :e

I should have erased my face on this. Yikes! 8l But oh isn't she lovely??

Congratulations babydolls!

Now free from the reigns of housemanship I'm ready to make more time for my friends, and be happy and celebrate life... y'know joie de vivre and all that! This year it's all about the good times great taste... darn I'm starting to sound like the grasshopper who sang all summer :P

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