Saturday, January 08, 2011

a dress that literally lights up my life

Remember that LED dress that Katy Perry wore to the Met Gala 2010??

I ♥ it!!

It was made for Katy by Cute Circuit in the spirit of wearable tecnology. The thousands of miniscule LED light up on batts (as opposed to their T-shirt line that works on movement) making you the Christmas tree for the night. Don't you just love wacky kitsch like this?? I bloody do!

So imagine my glee when I found out they've reproduced a shorter version of Katy's dress and the 'K by CuteCircuit' line has now joined the other flossy-flossy in Selfridges effective Christmas 2010! Aaaargh I wish my paycheck's in Pound-Sterling 'cos the the dress costs £1350... small price to pay for such pizzazz!

Well, to those who purchased the fantastic frock... if you ever get bored of your LED dress, I'd gladly take the burden off you!

P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of Fashionology, Crunch Gear, Urban Socialite

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