Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 (concise version)

I felt 2010 went by (Taylor) swiftly perhaps ‘cos it was a pretty eventful year. I will forever note 2010... mainly ‘cos it’s engraved in my wedding band. But also because it is this year that...

... didn’t start out the best. I was still recovering from Taipei-touch-my-heart from the year before when my place got burglared! When reality started to sink in: how hard I worked for money to buy my things and now how hard I gotta work to buy new ones, things got abit emotional. I lost so many things dear to me (my stuff were my family!!) and even some quirky items like my Cina-mari glasses and scallop-edge puncher. It looked to be a gloomy first quarter and I took to fishing for some mental clarity. Guy and I made a quick getaway to the Highlands for our 1st year anniversary. It was a lovely stay. Felt nice to leave the worries behind.

Work got really busy during my Obstetrics & Gynecology posting that I didn’t get round to much. News of us being posted out of TI started circulating and I thought the year was getting worse than it started. Fortunately luck did a quick u-turn and I got my transfer back to KL! Even a crappy birthday didn't get me down. Or that the stripper didn't show up at my bachelorette's. Or the fact that I was a FAT bride.

The day finally arrived after months of boulders-in-the-middle-of-the-road / petty obstacles / panic attacks / tearing my eyelashes out. It turned out so well and magical that I could not have asked for more. It’s hard to believe that I’m married sometimes (introducing Guy as my husband still makes me squirm). A couple of weeks into it, it’s undeniable that I’m a woman taken with that dent on my ring-finger! Being married also affiliated me with other important causes like the empowerment of the cervix which lead me to become a POCC blogger ambassador!

The 2nd half of the year proved to be colourful. I rode on an elephant in Phuket and picked up a new skill at Handmade KL’s craft party. Being back in KL made weekends fun again. I could go to fun bazaars and throw IKEA Crayfish Parties! I was also super addicted to So You Think You Can Dance on tele so much so it inspired me to pursue my own interest and opened my first bazaar stall!

The end year trip to London was so rad especially the H&M ♥ Lanvin bit. Oh and Paris *sigh* enchanting as ever! All the mirth and merriment gathered throughout the year overshadowed the murky start and all I can remember are the happy Christmas moments and funky New Year’s Ever.

May 2011 bring more funky get-togethers, fabulous opportunities, hilarious memories, grins and guffaws.

"Don't be fancy
Just get dancey
Why so serious?..."

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