Monday, January 31, 2011

she's got love like whoah

London Fashion Week 2010, front row at Pam Hogg :O

P.S. Image courtesy of Handbag

Sunday, January 30, 2011

it isn't just food that brings people together...

...but weddings too! It's been awhile since the ex-BCC (Bandung Cafe Chicks we called ourselves.. *sigh* oh youth and ignorance, how I miss you both) had an excuse to get together for a laugh. F*ck I look as bloated as a Michelin Man who had 20 glazed doughnuts too many.

Aww... our baby girl's getting married :D

The theme is Moroccan with a deep purple palatte. I wore my Morrocan-looking kaftan... all that was missing are those genie Marrakesh shoes!

A second on your lips but forever on your hips! xP

Hantaran! My favourite part of the wedding :e

I should have erased my face on this. Yikes! 8l But oh isn't she lovely??

Congratulations babydolls!

Now free from the reigns of housemanship I'm ready to make more time for my friends, and be happy and celebrate life... y'know joie de vivre and all that! This year it's all about the good times great taste... darn I'm starting to sound like the grasshopper who sang all summer :P

Friday, January 28, 2011

cute eats: nathalie's gourmet studio

Turns out it weren't just Nathalie's macaroons that were delish... but all that yummy French cuisine on her menu too!

I brought Mmmy for a nice brunch to catch up on girly gossips and tickle her tastebuds. Tricky thing about this place is their bar stool dining area which is highly uncomfy but I guess if it's hanging out you want, Pappa Rich is just downstairs. I was told bar stools are the rave nowadays to ensure you just do your business and get going. Indefinite parking of the behind is not welcome here. French thing? Maybe *shrug* I have to say though this place is for some serious snooty cuisine *wink* (call me brazen country lass but I believe that in such modern times we should not oblige to such segregation... up yours rich f*ckers, I can eat here too!). I walk pass hearty businessmen having afternoon wines to the outdoor lounge settees. The French maitre-d is charming as all Frenchmen are and comes armed with a bilingual mental dictionary ready to explain what every foreign word meant.

Her soups are spectacular! And I just love her cylindrical butter and oh-so-soft rolls.

You must must must try her sorbets!

I don't know of any other place in KL that serves Mariage Freres Tea. I believe it's the best tea on earth. Try their Vert Provence... it's like rolling down the hills of Provence in spring gathering flowers in your hair and grass in your brassiere. Everytime I drink this I feel like I've awoken.

This is why I love French dining... so much beauty in the chaos. A pot for this, a pitcher for that...

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio
Unit 4-1-5
Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 62079572

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

cute eats: tamarind hill

twitter @shelbybisou on 07 nov 2010: heard 2000 ppl q-ed up 4 uniqlo's opening (got d half-off sms too). was heading that way, saw the crowd and turned to tamarind hill 4 dinner

Hidden in the chaos of the city is a corner oasis bathing in zen.

Walk up the carefully preserved tiled staircase surrounded by lush and foliage.

Looking down, you can't help but be in absolute awe of the romance in the air.

We were fortunate enough to be given a complimentary appetizer taster. It's almost like an Asian Amuse Bouche. Love the wooden spoon! :)

Foie gras... always the parentals' favourite!

I have to admit, the food in Tamarind Hill, though pricey, is really really good!

Sometimes the fine dining atmosphere can be a little intimidating but hey just remember you have as much right to eat there as anyone else (most of the patrons are expats).

Tamarind Hill
19 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2148 3200

Saturday, January 15, 2011

never-ending story

I thought that graduating as a doctor is the zenith of my career. It was such a long painstaking journey that you cannot help but feel victorious when you complete your last week of housemanship. And as one who cares not to be a surgeon, physician, obstetrician, whatever-rologist, I’m boggled as to why is it (in Malaysia) it’s insufficient to stay a regular medical officer? You see regular engineers, lawyers, accountants etc furthering their careers without having to specialize in a certain department and still get to advance to better posts and pay. How is it that it’s not the same for medicine? All I ever get is someone asking me about what I intend to specialize in or what sort of doctor am I? Why do you not ask the same question to a marine biologist or dentist or even pharmacist? I’m irritated that there are such ludicrous double standards for us in medicine and I’m tired of having to explain (and sometimes even defend) my choice to not be more than just a doctor. I like being a regular doctor. I do not like having to stare at a woman’s vagina day in and day out / look at a man’s penis 8 hours in a row / handling scalpels or sutures / face screaming children every single day of the year. And if ambition is concern, I aspire to be the best regular doctor out there. Why isn’t this enough? Why do you f*ckers out there (who has never been in med school mind you) frown upon or lecture me about my lack of direction? Why??

My boss had ‘the talk’ with me the other day. She asked me what my future plans were and if I was building my blocks towards it. She didn't mean any harm, I can tell it's sheer concern but she striked a chord. A chord that keeps getting strummed. Nobody told me that it’s a continuous race in medicine... or at least medicine here. Med school was tiring as it was and even more the crappy housemanship. And completing my government service isn’t a walk in the park either... minimum wage maximum efforts and expectation, it’s no wonder my good friend Ah Harpers has decided to leave the country along with his wife. They’re going to greener pastures in Australia and I’m sure this is not a solitary case. Alright I’m digressing. I don’t know what the future holds for me. At this moment I haven’t got a clue in the world what I intend to do with the rest of my pathetic life (or so it is if you’re not a specialist!) but puh-lease could everyone just do me a favour and get off my back for awhile? I’ve done what I was supposed to do. Rejoice... don’t disdain... WTF!

Kasi betis nak peha-lah pulak! *bleh*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

last christmas...

So what did y'all do for Christmas and New Year's Eve last year??

This is long overdue. I hope everyone had a smashing Xmas and an unforgettable 2011 countdown.

I had the urban kin over for a cosy Christmas dinner. Everyone was in charge to bring something to the table to ease my hostess burden *phew*. I tried my level best with the lack of time and effort to kick in the Christmas decor.

So whadya think?? Excuse the Phuket Fantasea souvenirs: Iyara Iyaree *wink*. What we lack is a PINK fat Xmas tree that I heard Katy Perry had this year and everything would've be perfect! Check out our gift stacks. Every Christmas we give each other gifts that cost below RM50. It's merrier to have loadsa small gifts than just one big one! And yes, those are my moonboots on the left :mj

This is my dining table. Placed a candy cane cloth over the current tablecloth to supplement the festive mood. Like my dandelion-inspired IKEA light? Lovely to look at but a b*tch to assemble.

G*ddd I look like a school bus driver auntie. And yeah the boobs come with the obesity so it's not a win-win situation ladies. Like my paper plate angel place cards??

I popped my Laurent-Perrier rose champagne to commemorate the warm, fuzzy occasion. I was going to halt alcohol effective 2012 so I was gonna make every drop in 2011 count ;)

Almost every year our family have Christmas Eve dinner together. This year we celebrated the holiday meal at twenty one over at BSC. I've never actually been up BSC's 3rd Floor so it was rather exciting riding the elevator up and discovering that we'd be dining with a view.

Doesn't Mmmy look ravishing in her Lanvin??

The appetizer was my favourite! It's umm... a pumpkin risotto?? It was so yummy!

And the best thing about this place is their Happy Hour Buy 1 Free 1 cocktail menu!! ♥ ♥ I managed to squeeze a last call of 2 Cosmos for the price of 1 :)

twenty one
T1, 3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 22870021

For New Year's Eve, I decided to take advantage of IKANO's wonderful fireworks display so we did a BBQ camp at my place! Weee!!

It was real funny having a BBQ beside a mamak. I suppose if we ran out of food we could always holler over and order some satay!

Ah Pook getting the grill going! Talking 'bout the grill, we got so busy that we put off buying it until the day before. Turns out they were sold out everywhere!! Thank goodness Guy managed to grab the last one at Carrefour. Man was everyone having a chargrilled NYE this year??

Yeah continue oggling at Ah Yong's triumphant Coleman windowed tent *hmmph* It was a lil' juvenile silly to be camping in the middle of a concrete jungle but hey I guess this is Camping Version 2.0 (Millenium edition hah)!

We played Taboo until midnight and gathered on the street to watch sparks dance and fly in the sky! I played 'Fireworks' in my mind, leaned on my husband and watched the friends I love gallavanting around my street. This is what New Year's Eve is all about.

It is also what life is all about. I hope you all made wonderful memories last year. And here's to a more fascinating 2011 *clink*

Monday, January 10, 2011

paris je'taime: jour 03

It's my version of a pefect Parisien morning to wake up to remains of rose wine, Evian and orange juice waiting on my windowsill.

I once watched a YouTube clip on this dude who did a macaroon smackdown between McDonald's and other more established mac makers (pun intended) putting snobbish Parisiens to the test especially when they claim they know their macaroons. Note to all: McDonald's macaroons were quite frowned upon by the French who believe bourgeois should always remain bourgeois.
Many of them failed the taste test, claiming McDonald's macaroons to be Laduree or Pierre Herme! I've always wondered if this was true. Turns out it is not (what's wrong with those people?? Get a tongue!) as there is a very DISTINCT difference between the macaroons. McDonald's macaroons were disappointing to say the least.

Need I explain this place?

There is a very special pizza place off Canal St Martin called...

Pink Flamingo Pizza!!

The place is filled with, well, tons of pink flamingos(!!) to say the least.
Lovin' the pink pizza boxes. I'd have their pizza everyday just to be served in such snazzy packaging :)

Would you like a Gandhi, Bjork or Cantona today??

The reason why I had to have pizza here is 'cos part of their charm lies in the delightful balloon delivery! That and the oh-so-very-cute flirty Frenchie that owns the place (don't tell my husband ahah!).

You order a pizza, they give you a pink balloon, you walk to the bank of the canal... hang out... watch life go by, they come looking for your balloon on their bicycle and voila! Delivery is made :)

I cannot get over how genius this idea is.

Behold the Almovodar! It's a paella version of a pizza. The parentals love paella so I thought this would be a safe choice. It's sumptious as hell!

Turns out, we didn't wander far 'cos of the chill ;D

Pink Flamingo Pizza
67, Rue Bichat
Paris 10 arr
Tel: 01 42 02 31 70

Me likes!

One of my favourite corners in Paris!
It houses unique exclusive collabs that are not available elsewhere.

If you can't afford anything in the store, you can always pick up a Colette Pochette Surprise for EUR25 :b I bought one for Sophiekins as an X'mas gift. Still waiting for her to tell me what lies inside. I tried shaking it abit but cannot for the life of me interpret what it could be.

213 rue Saint-Honore
75001 Paris

There's an exquisite lil' bakery that y'all have to take a look-see.

It's, like, an old curiosity shop filled with scientific pastry experiments!

Love the glass domes!

Their piece de resistance!

Their vanilla buns are supposedly to-die-for. I find it just alright though. Still, the shop's worth a visit :)

La Patisserie des Reves
93 Rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Tel: +33 01 42 84 00 82

Is it obvious that I'm addicted to Beaujolais Nouveau? :$

Oooh French cuisine how I miss you now... yea I'm talking 'bout you yummy buttery escargots!

And you salade de la mer!

You too gratinee!

Do not leave Paris without visiting this hidden little gem of a shop!

A taxidermy that houses a myriad of once living animals, birds and insects. It is too cool to be true!

The closest I'll ever get to an alligator.

Dddy was contemplating to bring home a new furniture / pet..

46 rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 42 22 30 07

This is where things get spicy...

... and sleazy :brow

Guy would defo like this ;)

And ladies and gentlemen is Moulin Rouge!

Another thing I'm so gonna miss about Paris: their oh-so-very-convenient Metro :I

Wee tip: Some metro trains in Paris don't open automatically. They have this lil' latches that you have to swing to the side in order to open the door. I tell you this 'cos we almost miss some stops as the parentals didn't know the exits had to be open manually *giggle*

Le Saint-Honore from La Patisserie des Reves. The cream is hell yum!

Jumbo matchsticks from Le Prince Jardinier of Deyrolle I bought for Ah Choy's belated birthday :D Let's hope his favourite book was The Matchstick Girl...

A Classy candle from Colette. Smells of musk and sizzle.
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