Tuesday, December 07, 2010

december's triple birthday bonanza

Since Miss ChewChew, Guy and Miss ChongChong are all December babies, we decided to skip the hassle and do a party combo (sounds like a KFC meal set). Miss ChewChew suggested we have a BBQ over at her place and we all jumped at the chance to savour Ah Yong's charred delicacies and boy does he have a license to grill! Miss ChongChong was in charge of the lychee martinis and it was our job to bring the Cointreau, O Gourmet Red Velvet and The HAPPY! And when I mean The Happy I mean whimsical, cheapo picnic decor I found in Hema!!

Check out them jumbo "mini" umbrellas.... arggggh mega cute-ness!! Don't they remind you of that smashing roof-top BBQ Samantha (of SATC) hosted for her 'lady' friends over at the Meat-Packing District!

Have y'allllll met Waikiki?? She's a toy poodle and is super well-behaved for an untrained puppy. No litter or unnecessary barking (well actually no barking at all!) and totally follows me wherever I go on the leash.

Good food on the grill. Fave? Mussels and garlic enoki mushrooms!

Ever since Ah Yong popped him a bottle that day, Guy's been totally addicted to Bundaberg rootbeer :D


Wish-making process in session.


Miss BellaBella getting cuddly with Waikiki :)

Love good times with good friends!

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