Monday, November 22, 2010

london calling day 04

Reason to look forward to a Sunday in London?

The Columbia Flower Market of course!

The market starts out at approximately 0900 in the morning but the best bargains are gotten at around 1300-1400 during last call.

You can take the Bethnal Green / Old Street Tube but it's best to hop on a bus that stops at Shoreditch Highstreet and walk towards the market. Just follow the signs and you can always ask for directions 'cos everyone there pretty much knows where the flower market is. Too man to ask for directions? You can trail the crowd or lookout for people holding paper-wrapped flowers.

G*ddd tulips are dirt cheap 'ere!

Primroses always remind me of Enid Blyton 'cos she mentions them alot in her Book of Fairies. Pixies always hang out on the leaves. It's probably the McDonald's of the mystic world.

There's alot of great take-away cafes but since the parentals are proper sit-down kinda breakfast people and it was rather chilly out, we settled for some chorizo & fried egg on ciabatta at a Spanish place down the end of the road.

Apart from the weekend flower market, what's really special about Columbia Road is the fantastic little shops that boasts specialty items. There's even a site dedicated to the little shops of Columbia Road. I don't know about you, but being the mallrat that I am, I've almost forgotten how charming shopping can be in quaint little shops can be and it is here that I've rekindled my passion for them. I'm a little shop convert :D Go little shops!! (They even have an award for it!)

My Elphick's favourite is this matryoshka 'It's What's Inside That Counts' by Hazel Nicholls.

I wanted to get a tile personalized but it takes a fortnight for an order. No go but still lusting..

the Love Spoons and just almost everything vintage in Jessie Chorley & Buddug! The cards are divine too..

Nice! (Mexican heads by Mark Pawson)

My fave in Nelly Duff is Georgette by Angelique Houtkamp.

Open House is bursting with dreamy vintage pots and crockery.

Lovely Xmas ornaments at Start Space.

Ahahaha it's The Snowman! Hilarious!

Lovely pottery at Keeping House.

This brilliant children shop, Bob and Blossom, is filled with hilarious kitschy decor and old-school toys.


Oh I don't even know where to start with this extraordinary shop: The Powder Room! Fancy a makeover or just a manicure by a styling expert dressed in pink 1950s uniform?? ♥ ♥ Hell yeah!!

The main reason why I came to Columbia Road: Ryan Town!! It only opens on weekends and it is here that you can purchase some delightful works of Rob Ryan!!

The first time I've ever witnessed Rob Ryan's work is Isetan's Christmas display about 7-8 years (??) back. I was blown away by the intricate papercuts that did not have a start nor end. You can see for yourself. It's not something you can explain. Brings 'a picture paints a thousand words' to a whole new level, non?

I've heard so much about the fantastic Treacle cupcakes and boy do they live up to their reputation! Don't let my sloppy fingers and amateur photography fool you, these bite-sized mini cupcakes are so DARN GOOD.. OMG!!

They don't call 'em English roses for nothin'!

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