Wednesday, November 17, 2010

london calling day 03

My favourite lil' corner of London:

It's actually advisable to stop at Holborn instead and walk towards Covent Garden 'cos it can really overwhelming at the latter stop and save you alot of time just waiting to get into a train.


*shrieks inside*

You know something's the rave when imitations of it start popping up all over Hong Kong night markets. Anyhooters Cath Kidston's the supposed epitome of shabby chic and probably the pioneer of English floral prints on everything imaginable... Their oil-cloths are oh-so-lovely but also oh-so-$$. I came with the intention to bring a couple of metres home but had to just settle with a Briar Rose box bag instead.

Check out their 'sewing house'!! Aargh makes you wish you're nifty with a needle.

Miss WongWong is fanatical about Cath Kidston and recommends the Sloane Square store for its finer display of merchandise.

Cath Kidston
28-32 Shelton Street
Tel: 020 7836 4803

G*ddd I love Neal's Yard!!

Firstly I love that they were born in 1981 as I was (along with the belief that everything good started in 1981). Then there's the brilliant fact that they're Brit-made down to their recyclable Scottish ash glass jars. Hardly anything's locally made nowadays and it's just wonderful to have fine products in unpretentious high-street price. Also their unwaving steadfast adherence to the science of apothecaries really makes me tingle inside... we're putting on creams that have been developed since 1917. I mean it cannot get any cooler!

I so wish I invented Neal's Yard. Or at least I wish I'm a Neal's Yard shopkeeper.

Behind the till are rows and rows of jars containing herbs and magic *wink*

People come up to the counter and relate their need for a remedy for their so-and-so problem. The shop assistant then goes to their Book (of Shadows?), starts mixing a dash of this and a pinch of that from their herb larder, mix it all up and packs it in a cute lil' bag just waiting to be brewed. I think this is how it is when the nice wizards of Hogsmeade pop over to their pharmacist for a quick med aid, non?

I've never seen so many types of herbs come together in a setting. It's, like, a botanical wonderland out here.

Slippery Elm... haven't we read it in Harry Potter before? Slippery Elm is said to soothe the digestive tract. It's not scientifically proven but it is FDA approved.

I came to buy their stellar award-winning product: the Frankincense Hydrating Cream. I can't wait to give it a go!

Such a laugh!

I've read quite abit about Euphorium Bakery and their philosophy. Doesn't this entice you?

It's nice but I wouldn't exactly call it the best pain aux raisin I've ever had *shrug*

An extension to the Neal's Yard family... Neal's Yard Dairy!

I was thinking of bringing a truckle of their sharpest cheddar home but I didn't think it was going to be easy trying to explain to airport security regarding that big heavy blob that reeks of ferment!

Remember Hello Kitty x Dr Martens from my Hello Kitty Galore entry? Well I got to see it for myself but I would've liked it if it was the 1460 8-eye all print one 'cos that was the one I was considering to get.

I bought a press-out giraffe, rhino and elephant for Guy from Muji 'cos he loves making stuff like those. They're hilariously cute!

They say you never forget your first Snog!
They also say that life's brighter when you Snog!
Ahaha snog's really a colloquial term for kissing but this is frozen yoghurt and a really cool one too (pun not intended) :) I wish I had those lighting installed in my hall... it'd be like living in a kaleidoscope (or in Avatar)!

Hah! Finally found what I was looking for...!

It's Lily Allen and her sister's collaboration vintage store Lucy In Disguise!

The long flowing white frock the mannequin has on is so divine! Look at the ruched sleeves, I'm practically salivating on the creases..

I was contemplating whether to get the canvas bag 'cos I started crushing on her luscious lips and bejewelled mask... like the one MJ had on in his Dangerous album cover. But it was 50 quid (hmmm..) so I figured I'd sleep on it.

Lovely shop nonetheless.

Lucy In Disguise
10-13 King Street
Covent Garden
Tel: 0207 240 6590

I thought this was a little odd considering the English do not carry shizz on their heads and the fella looks a wee bit Amazonian / African / Asian (??)


Aaargh delicieux!

All crepes and hot drinks are served from crockery designed by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Claudia Schiffer, Coldplay, Heidi Klum, Paul Smith, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor etc..

Creme de la Crepe
Unit 29, The Piazza
Covent Garden
Tel: 020 7836 6896

Trivia 'bout Dddy: he loves a scrumptious paella! Hola Paella's basically a mamak / char kuey teow stall version of Spanish food and it's pretty friendly on the pocket.

Dddy found it odd they served us with a fork but that's how the English eat their 'rice'.

I also looked for Henrietta Street to pay homage to Jane Austen who would go over to her brother Henry's home here (no.10) when she comes to London to visit publishers.

Then there's Jubilee Market Hall of course!

Genius! Bought a pair as a gift.


Celeste said...

wow, looks fun..and the paella was huge!

Maggie Wong said...

hiya! just dropping by from innit!! and i'm just planning to go to London this christmas and new year!! Your post really get help! thanks!!

shelbybaby said...

celeste: yeah isn't it massive?? reminds you of those carrot cake stalls at the pasar malam hor..

maggie: hey there babydoll!! oooh i'm so excited for you. that place is just mesmerising. oh don't get me started. keep coming back... still more posts due. much thanks for dropping by and super glad i could help :)

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