Monday, November 15, 2010

london calling day 02

The parental units aren't one for cold sandwich breakfasts so Sophiekins and I decided to bring them for a nice traditional English breakkie. I volunteered S&M and Sophiekins suggested we go to the one near Spitalfields 'cos food is yummier there.

Yeah I guess you shellfishes and octopuses can just call it a day then :P

Pashmina: some shop in Bandung
Sweater: Hello Kitty x H&M
Jeggings: Cotton On
Bag: Mulberry Alexa
Ugg-inspired boots: Urban Outfitters (which reminds me, I've gotta dump these 'cos they're arotting at the sole)
Cape: Zara

Rad artwork for sale at Spitalfields Market.

It's always such pleasure shopping at Benefit.. It's like picking out sugar treats at your local bonbonniere. I've died and gone to make-up heaven!

I'm crazy about their brow and lash bar. The lady at the back is having her lashes extended in 30 mins. Brilliant!

J'adore this store! I bought a fantastic doormat from this place but couldn't bring it home 'cos my luggage was overweight. Darn it!


6 Market Street
E1 6DT
Tel: 0207 377 6382

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Spitalfields used to be the principal fruit and wool exchange in London. It sure makes me wonder how many crates of apples would have come and gone from this place back then..

Don't you just love this shop? With a name like Dolly Dare you can't help but go inside!

Lovin the Lace Fifties of their Swingdoll & Bloomsdoll collection! C'est Lolita, non?

Hilarious what with the Blythes hanging by their feet with their mane to the floor.

Oooh s&m :) my tongue gets tingly just at the thought of it...

More banger for my buck.... ooooh!

Behold: The Great British All Day Breakfast with a traditional London sausage, bacon, free range egg, Heinz baked beans, mushrooms, black pudding, bubble & squeak (how cute is that??), grilled tomatoes with toast. What is there not to love on that plate?

s&m Cafe
48 Brushfield Street
E1 6AG
Tel: 020 7247 2252

Then we made a pitstop at Dddy's Mothership. It's London and he had to make patronage.

I didn't know there's even a Dummy book for this! WTF :O

And he gives us a lecture on ridiculous souvenirs...

Man there's a handbook for everything in 'ere!

*Star Trek theme*

Don't gag but this place really is cute! Makes me feel like, "We Should Buy A Pub!"

You'll notice in most English mags that alot of the pieces come from All Saints. They're really into it here.

An out-of-this-world window display by Warehouse.

The parentals are crazy over M&S. Loves their To-Go and (to that guy on River Cottage Farm horrors) ready-made meals. Everything just looks yummier and classier at M&S!

At night Sophiekins took us to her favourite restaurant for dinner which is undeniably a London gem. I can't reveal the place, though, as Sophiekins who's abit of a food snob does not want truckloadsa people visiting her happy place and denying her a table. I will though say that the place is so awesome it's in a very established list of one of the 50 coolest places to eat on the planet. Can you actually imagine a small 'lil corner of London making it into such a fantastic international list?

East London is such a treasure. The people are so eclectic and every nook and cranny has got so much character. It's, like, every step you take brings you into yet another world of wonder and musings. Say Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum...!

A white rabbit? Now what did I say..

So here we are at this really cool cafe that doubles up as a recording studio. Anyone who's anyone in the music biz would most likely have grazed the carpeted path of this cafe (:O Arctic Monkeys, Leona Lewis, Jamie Cullum, Lily Allen, Pete Doherty, Chaka Khan, Scissor Sisters, Blur, Amy Winehouse... need I go on??). What's amazing is the food is SO SO GOOD!

Beaujolais nouveau!

Mussels in cream

3 version scallops

Hands down best chilli penne ever had!

Grilled fish that Sophiekins feel isn't like how it was before. So maybe you can skip this.

Banofee pie that's absof*ckinglutely good. Was so in trance with the yuminess that I almost forgot to take a picture.

The loo door that leads to both the toilet and...

... a recording studio out back. Terrific!

I've confirmed wit Sophiekins and she's allowed me to share the location of this wonderful cafe in exchange of info on the 'Coolest Place To Eat in KL'. An eye for an eye basically. Leave your answers and email in the comments section and I'll get back to you with the address :) Trust me, it's gonna be worth it!

After tucking the parentals in for the night, we went to a cool bar just a stone's throw away from Sophiekins'flat to have a drink.


Junction Room
578 Kingsland Rd
E8 4AH
Tel: 020 72415755

Fancy seeing this coming by Dalston at night.. heh!


melmonica said...

Absolutely beautiful place! Lovesit!!

shelbybaby said...

melmonica: Right?!! *butt low-fi*

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