Saturday, November 13, 2010

london calling day 01

Hiatus explained!

I was invited by the very gracious parentals to join them for a family trip in conjunction with Sophiekins graduation. It'll take a hovercraft to drag me away from that offer. It's LONDON for goodness sakes!!

I actually got the dates messed up. Yeah I'm a klutz physically and mentally. I had the entire day-before plan drawn up to prep for departure: go to the currency exchange, pack, get a scan, etc.. but everything just flew outta the window when Dddy came over in the late evening.

Dddy: Let's go.
moi: Go where??
Dddy: What where? LONDON-LAH!
moi: But isn't it tomorrow??
Dddy: We leave in 2 hours! Whadya mean tomorrow??
moi: OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Leave my house now and I'll see you in 2 hours!

I cannot believe I applied to leave early from work the next day when I'm not even gonna go to work that day itself! Geez I'm a doofus :P

Anyhooters, though mayhem ensued, I still made it into airspace as scheduled.

Loves MAS plane food. The dessert is yum and we get to have wine. I also love getting to pick my own movies and select songs from CDs to sample on my Jukebox. I slept, like, 10 hours and was surprised 'twas already landing time. As we exited the plane, the crisp English air hits my face and I realize that "I'm not in Kansas anymore." :)

It was 5.30 in the morning and we took the Heathrow Express to the city centre to meet Sophiekins. Dddy's in love with the free newspapers.

I thought it was such a laugh that our baggage took up the entire rear space of the train. Don't think the Londoners were amused.

We were told to wait at St Pancras (Intl) and I was dumbstrucked at how much London has changed in 4 years. I don't even recognize Kings Cross Station anymore! I chose to have some tea at this beautiful cottage-like place called Sourced.

Isn't this place lovely? This is London packed in a new-age market. The food is organic, fresh and affordable (dollar-to-dollar speaking) and the range of healthy-eating produces you can choose from, i.e sandwiches to muesli porridges to yoghurt, is almost limitless. Why don't we have this in KL??

Check out their disposable wooden utensils! Oh and it's not just salt, it's sea salt! I think it's crazy cool!

I found how they carved out the mold of the human ass on the bench amusing. Dddy gave it a try and was surprised it was pretty friendly on his manly parts ;D

Sourced Market
St. Pancras International
Pancras Rd
Tel: 020 7833 9352

Ahaha anti-climb paint. Who would've thought :)

We started our first day in London at Hurwundeki.

I've always been curious to know what lies beneath the cafe with a Cinderella pumpkin carriage out on the lawn. I know this place 'cos it's quite a feature in the London indie scene. Sophiekins knows this place 'cos she used to live in the neighbourhood.

Is it the cafe with loadsa stuff out front?
moi: Yea!!

Dddy: *looks at price tag* WAH this horse head costs RM1300!

Hurwundeki's this rustic cafe filled with antiques and aged paraphernalias. What's mystic about this place is that even though everything here looks like it survived through the World War, the people that drop by for a quick meal or coffee pick-up are people of the now.. be it mothers with prams or office yuppies or that broody artist in the corner. And that's exactly what I love about it.

Seriously, how exquisite is it to munch on your quiche beside a horse head or an old boudoir mirror?

The cherry pie is yumms!

The hot choc is yumms!

This is the money shot right here.

We hung out for abit outside 'cos Dddy was fascinated by this little English boy who was having a go at the stationary tricycles and urging his father to come along for the ride of which the latter obligingly agreed to play along.

Turns out that Hurwundeki is in Time Out's The Best of London. They're defo not wrong about this one.

299 Railway Arches
Cambridge Heath Rd
Tel: 020 7749 0638

I had abit of a feat explaining to Dddy what a gherkin was. Defo an English thing to nickname 30 St Mary Axe, the financial district skyscraper, The Gherkin. Sophiekins lead us to this picturesque spot... we went through so many lanes and alleys that when we finally arrived it was as if we discovered The Secret Garden. Wish I worked there.

30 St Mary Axe

We'd alight at Bishopsgate bus stop to get to Liverpool St Station everyday and there smack in front of the bustling street is a sign that I could not decide was vulgar or just plain hilarious.

Turns out there was a really interesting story that lied beneath that unusual name. It was really about love as how interesting stories are always about. Supposedly a rich-ass stylo-milo merchant called Nathaniel Bentley aka Richard (hence Dick) was in absolute distraught after the death of his fiancee (supposedly on the wedding eve) and refused to clean himself or anything for that matter. So he became really popular for filth (the dude didn't even clear the corpses of his cats for crying out loud!) and if you wrote him a fan mail during those days and addressed it to 'The Dirty Warehouse in London', the mail would most definitely arrive. Well when he passed, the distillery that bought over his warehouse decided to continue his legacy and transferred the contents of his place to The Old Jerusalem Pub (current location) and renamed it Dirty Dick's. Cute story hor?

Dirty Dick's
202 Bishopsgate
City of London
Tel: 020 7283 5888

As we strolled about Bishopsgate, Sophiekins lead us into Artillery Passage which is the route that Jack the Ripper used to haunt in search of his victims. Of course now that it's modern London with Asian eateries and boutiques you can't quite imagine the chill of people who had to walk through this narrow lane in the middle of the night back then. Still it's a very well-preserved part of London and fun to wonder how life was when women wore bonnets and walked in leather booties.

My fascination for quaint grocery stores continue.

Why don't we have Topshop Unique? Also Topshop here is so different than the selection we get in KL. Sophiekins believe something is seriously wrong with our local buyer 'cos the latter's choice can be quite yucks. I mean Topshop has so many good sh*t but I don't ever see it on our turf *shrugs*

Hershesons Blow Dry Bar is da bomb! Wish I was wise enough to get a pink hair-bow and a Bardot/Audrey/Carlam when I was there.

I ♥ H&M Home!!

And what's even more to love is the way to shop it. It's something like how you'd do in Argos except here you'd select the stuff you want to purchase by picking off item-magnets from their magnet wall or from little stands beside their display. You attach the magnets to the metal board, pass it to the handsome cashier cum store-assistant, he goes into the store and picks up your items, round them up on the till and voila: SHOPPING!

Managed to squeeze in a couple of sneak-peeks for you darlings:

Now this place is real Joy!! I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Cock Rocks anyone?

Dddy was like, "Oh so this is where Juicy Couture gets their lettering display deco!" Perhaps it's a sign the old man has been dragged out to Pavilion one time too many.

Joy Soho
162 – 170 Wardour Street
London W1F 8AB
Tel: 0207 287 8310

I retired that night sharing a bottle of Jacques Cider with Sophiekins while we chatted for abit. Love that thing. It's yumsters as hell.


ken said...

i miss london :)

shelbybaby said...

ken: man, i miss london too :( *having withdrawal*

RSA Now said...

Oh my god I would not have made it in 2 hours! Kudos to you :) London looks so exciting!

shelbybaby said...

rsa now: i interchanged btw 2 sweaters the entire 2 weeks. ahaha that's how it's done when you didn't pack anything but 10 underwear :D omggg i know.. london IS so exciting!

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