Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shelbybaby.. at your cervix

Today I'll start with hello.

We all know I was (and probably still am) a C-list blogger trying to claw her way up the blogging ladder. I'm not ashamed about that. It's been a long journey since the very start of this blog from 'I'm a FAT girl' to 'My McGeek vs McShelbulous Life' to '*bisou* Shelbybaby *bisou*' and now a fuss-free 'Shelbybaby'. There has been alot of changes (and later / lesser posts.. eek!) but it's not something I don't welcome. It's part of evolution. I mean the fish didn't look back in embarassment at the amoeba (or was it paramecium?)... instead it turned around and went "Whoah when did I get fins??"

I know my silent steadfast readers are out there. I love you :)

So hello my babydolls. This post is dedicated to you.

I was invited to attend a special blogger event: Fight Cervical Cancer in Style Best Friends Forever (BFF) Bloggers Get-together launched by Power Over Cervical Cancer initiated by National Cancer Society Malaysia and supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical. It promised to be a fun night out with my BFF along with fellow bloggers to create awareness of our Power Over Cervical Cancer. I jumped over the moon. Me? Invited to an event? Weee!!

I invited a good friend to tag along. There were quite a number of notable bloggers there but none of which I was acquainted with.. perhaps TI has kept me out of the loop for abit. The get-together was held in Ecoba, Damansara Perdana. Upon arriving, I could see pastel pink and blue balloons highlighting a corner and it doesn't take a scientist to figure out where I should head to. Even though we weren't received at the door, part of the organizational team did spot us and immediately referred us to the girl-in-charge which happened to be my inviter. She lead us to the reception and we got our goodie-bags: glee!!

We were then directed to make a pledge to fight against Cervical Cancer online at the official site. Basically since I didn't bring a soft copy of my own picture, I had to take an impromptu picture.

Well let's say it wasn't my finest moment :P We had to create a message too. I was totally lost for words. I said something along the lines of "Keep cervical cancer at bay! Don't be ignorant." What I had really meant to say was "Don't be a fool. Protect your tool."

Joyce of KinkyBlueFairy was the event emcee. She's a POCC ambasaddor. She's much prettier and demure in person.

This is Rina giving her 2-cents on the subject. She's also a POCC ambassador. 

Dr Saun of NCSM gave a powerpoint presentation on the technical bit of cervical cancer: medical and statistics. I crazy love her Zara top. I was searching for it 2 months ago in every Zara outlet I knew but was unsuccessful.

It's true, it wasn't the most interactive event 'cos most of the bloggers were kinda jaim (jaga imej) since we weren't formerly introduced to each other. I think the organizer could perhaps improve in that aspect of the event. I tried to be friendly to the girls on my table but most of them were quite reserved. There was a nice girl there though. Her name is Sara and she owns an online jewellery store Zikkos

Anyhooters, although the event did bore my plus-one, the message did come through crystal clear in the end. She whispered to me just before we headed home that she ought to get a pap smear and that really made me smile. I created my first awareness and it felt awesome.

Basically what POCC wants to do is to highlight the subject of cervical cancer and inform people of ways to prevent it. You can take a jab of HPV vaccine or/and most importantly get a pap smear examination. Seriously my corny words seem so intelligent now: don't be ignorant. If it's time to get a pap, go get it. It's not a taboo anymore. Not since The Pill was invented. With liberation comes consequences and if you're having sex, you bloody should take care of your cervix and get it checked. You service your car, don't you?? You get a blood test ever once in awhile right?? So why don't you examine your precious little cervix? You're gonna need it 'till the end of time... and it's not like some f*cked-up carburator that you can just pluck out and replace!

I'm quite the dork when it comes to sex. I've only ever had sex with one person and I took the vaccine waaay before I met him. Oh and I married that one person (g*ddd can I get anymore geekier??). Can't help it, I was crazy paranoid when it came to HIV, STDs and having a child out of wedlock. My parents were defo not hippies. But I'm the exception to the statistics. Most of you aren't. And it's fine. There's nothing to be embarassed about unless you're reckless with safe sex and do baby dumping.. then shame on you! What I'm trying to say is that if we're having sex, we have to accept that we're having sex, I mean skip the denial and go for a pap smear exam. If you're a dork like me... go get vaccinated. You'll actually relish in the fact you bloomed later than the rest in the fornicating circle 'cos you really got your money's worth with the vaccine.

I've had my fair share of views down under so trust me when I say cervical cancer is truly awful. The smell is almost signature and reminds you of the aftermath of an SS2 morning market. Everyone always asks me if a pap smear is painful. I don't know. I've not had a papsmear done before because it hasn't been 3 years since I first 'got involved'. But I do know that when I perform it on a lady, the worst case scenario is that she winces a wee bit and breathes out loud. Other than that they only conclude the experience as weird and uncomfortable. It doesn't sound too bad now does it?

Let me guide you on what happens during a pap smear.

1. You're guided to a special chair where the footrests rest at / above your head level and you're required to remove your underwear upon settling in. Yes I've had patients who go straight in with their jeans on. What.. you want me to take a specimen from your KYY zipper?

2. This is your cervix aka pangkal rahim. Note the position.

3. Next we insert a vaginal speculum to pry and open up the road for us to see clearer. This is the uncomfortable part I suppose.

4. This is how it looks like from our bird's eye view.

This is how a normal, healthy cervix should look like.

This is how an abnormal cervix should look like.

5. We then stick a brush-like instrument into the cervical hole and do a twist before removing it to examine this matter in the lab.

After that it's all ready and done!

Well my precious babydolls I hope you find this post of amusement and also that you will find the time to make a pledge to fight cancer here as well as schedule your next pap if necessary.

Don't hesitate to leave questions in my comments area. I'll try my best to reply them asap. In the meantime help spread the word...

P.S. images courtesy of xyza, biomedcentral, found health, ginecomarin, specialty hospital, babymed, rho, pass the doucheys


Fatham. Use your imagination said...


Ok i guess it really gets the message across.


But I agree w u Shelby! Esp girls in Asia - I think people are having sex much earlier but are in denial about it. So they don't bother with protective measures and that's just stupid!!

Kudos on being so traditional! Girls like us are getting rarer - but you know what? Saves us all the agony of worrying about diseases and whatnot!!! <3

Mooke said...

gosh, that's such an eye opener. thanks for the photos! should i be doing pap smear before i get pregnant? are you saying that women should start check up after 3 years of getting married?

Gothic Lolita said...

Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waasssuupp!!, Well, after a few years, finally did get a pap smear. It was super worth it cos the O&G Specialist was like super hot!!! Awwww!!! GOt myself vaccinated too. But safe sex is always A MUST. At all times. Unless u super know ur partner or want to get pregnant. Pap smear didn't hurt a bit & it was fast. Well,Cervical cancer gonna hurt MUCH MORE if u don't get a pap smear done. Recommended to do a pap smear annually from the moment u are sexually active. Keep track of ur sexual partners & his/her partners as well. Seek a medical advice when in doubt. Just carry condoms around..just in case!

shelbybaby said...

fatham: sometimes the worry don't solely lie on us but on the man too. basically what the vaccine offers is a form of protection against the hpv that he could be carrying (should he be infected already). and so it's also wise to make sure the he gets a hiv-std check-up on his side.

mooke: basically the general guideline is that you should get your first pap smear 3 years after starting sexual activity. although if you are worried due to family history of cervical cancer or other forms of cancer / history of unhealthy lifestyle like smoking / have had multiple sexual partners etc, it doesn't hurt to get a pap a year after sexual activity. if you recently have had a pap smear prior to pregnancy then there is no need for one once you get pregnant.. but if the results of the previous pap smear is outdated your doctor may need to perform one during pregnancy to ensure that you're not having and std / fungal infections which may interfere with your pregnancy later.

gothic lolita: good for you honeybunch!! thanks for the info on a pap smear... i look fwd to mine ;)

Veena said...

Thanks for the pictorial guide. It looks errkk - a tad uncomfortable but I guess I'd better go for one soon

Bella Enveeus said...

whoa those photos are rad! sometimes i wonder how my cervix might look like :D

hmm where can we do full hiv-std checkups? some hospitals do not offer that. n how much approximately do they cost in KL? hmm..

shelbybaby said...

veena: tats d spirit!! i would think a brazillian wax pains much more than a pap and is equally as embarassing. so if we all can recover from hair stripped from our va-j-j in 7 secs so can we from a pap smear :)

bellaenveeus: in govt clinics we perform hiv rapid tests as pre-marital screening for muslims. if needed, we perform it for non-muslims too. as for std screening, it is mainly done on a case suspect basis. the cost is rm1 for registration. rm5 for a pap smear. in private labs/clinics/hospitals it costs approx rm150 for a basic blood investigation along with std with an additional rm30 for hiv screening. also they charge approx rm100-150 for a pap smear.

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