Sunday, October 17, 2010

crayfish party!

I got a box of crayfish from IKEA (super affordable!) and figured why not share the joy and throw a crayfish partayy!! *does a rodeo lasso hand-gesture*

Everyone's thinks marriage has turned me into a domestic goddess but I actually do love to cook (since my UK hey-days). I just never had the opportunity or the facilities to bust the wok or fryer. I mean I'm no Jamie Oliver but hey I do a mean dish once in awhile (or at least I hope to think so!). Anyhooters, I've been obsessed with Nigella Bites lately and post-You Tube overload, I decided to whip us some Lawson feast:

You're looking at boiled asparagus, lemon-cheese pasta, baked maply syrup chicken in apple juice and...

.. IKEA broiled crayfish in existing dill sauce.

With Jumbleberry Pie for dessert! Served with heavy cream :)

Miss BellaBella brought back some Dove chocolate treats and we discovered there were special messages hidden in their foil covers. Sweet!

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