Saturday, October 09, 2010

chic pop market 5

Did any of you go to the Chic Pop Street Market hosted by Tongue in Chic the other day??

I was supposed to bring Miss KhaiKhai but she couldn’t make it so it was just Miss KosKos and me. I just love indie bazaars like this... what with everyone in quirky-kawaii outfits and style overload. I’ve actually been to the very first Chic Pop Market. They only had afew vendors back then and I missed most of the action as I arrived pretty late (from TI) and most of the stalls were packing to leave. What I really regret then was not purchasing a bell-sleeved silver Nurita Harith dress which was seriously da bomb! This time I was not going to let a gem go if there’s ever one.

It’s so fun to register at the TiC booth ‘cos there’s always SWAGs to cheer you up even if you can’t afford anything or can’t find something you like.

The first booth we popped by was Whisper’s Happy Overnights where it’s all about the gratis! You get a free sample of their overnight pad along with a pouch to keep it discreet.

The pouch of course is available for diy.. that’s where the streams of ribbons and pots of buttons come in handy and are eagerly rummaged through by crafters. I cannot sew so I couldn’t do much with my pouch. Bleh :P

I dropped by Sara’s booth: Zikkos. Remember Sara here? Isn’t she smashing in her neon pink dress from H&M?? ME LOVES IT big time!! Reminds me of my tribute to Christopher Kane.

Me likes the Playboy bunny rings but my chubby fingers couldn’t fit any of ‘em.

Miss KosKos spent some time at The Aura. You can create a personalized charm bracelet or necklace with their gazillion (OK I’m exaggerating) charms.

This is my favourite!

Oooh Hello Kitty at The Click Shop! But I do have enough cameras as it is. Now when I think about it... aiyaaa *regret*

I bought a ‘diamond’ ring at Soak Republic. It’s so rad!

Awesome tanks!

Where & Wear?

How about some decoden to prettify those dull whatevers?? Me likes her skirt!

I bought some g*d knows why. I figured I'd find a use for them someday. Get your stash at The Sticker Monster.

Last and never least the ultimate hidden agenda... a spree at Mimpi Murni! Miss KosKos said I practically emptied her booth. That's half not true! I can't help it if Mimpi gets me weak in the knees...!

Till the next Pop Chic Street Market!

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